It's Starting to Look a Lot like September

Friday, September 4, 2009

Due to my overly chatty neighbor who stopped by as I was on my way out the door, I feared my trail-riding window would be lost. I have a couple of very chatty neighbors. However, 90 minutes later, I was at the barn! Here are Lilly and me all ready to head out.

I am so ready for a new helmet. The shell keeps popping off of this one.

This is Jody, if you can see her in the dappled light. She's a very appealing red roan Bill got at the auction. Is she ever sweet. Plus, I love her coat. It looks like she has little shapes stenciled all over her! Like a toy! Today was the first day Bill had been on her. She's a keeper.

We saw this doe almost as soon as we got on the trail. She peered at us for a while and that gave Bill some time to get her photo.

This is me trying to get a picture of Bill as he takes a picture of me! Silly camerapeople!

I'm a little worried because a lot of my pictures are starting to look like this. For no good reason. Is my camera starting to boycott taking pictures of horses? Oh good grief.

Look at all that luscious hay right under my brumby's nose! She kept trying to grab big bites of it (as if she's starving), but I didn't let her. I'll bet it's like me having to refrain from digging into a giant brownie sundae.

Bill with Jody.

Jody is still pretty green says Bill. She is still learning how to get collected. This is not the most flattering picture of her, but at least it shows her fun coat. The more I see her, the more I like her.

Bill emerges from the woods while Charlie comes to greet him!


Paint Girl said...

Another fun trail ride! Jody is pretty. Love her color.
I have a tendency to take blurry pictures while on the trails, but it's just because Brandy has a very choppy fast walk. As long as she's walking slow or we are stopped, no problems! Hopefully it doesn't have anything to do with your camera!

Pony Girl said...

Jody has beautiful coloring. Then again, so does your Brumby!! You two look so great together. I'm glad you are having some late summer trail rides. I want to keep riding, too!

juliette said...

Jody is pretty. That doe Bill caught on camera is cute. Lately all our pictures in the woods look blurry too. I have the camera on the wrong setting. Enjoy your September rides!!!

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