Every Weekend is a Holiday With Brumby

Monday, September 7, 2009

Because I haven't been working on Fridays this year, and because Monday was a holiday, I had four days in a row to get Brumby out of the pasture and out on the trail. Mother Nature was also on my side--the weather was fabulous. Not too hot, blue sky, no bugs! Now that's perfect.

When I went to ride Lilly on Saturday, it was really exciting because not only were Bill and Christine going to ride with me, but also Bill's daughter Susie, and her soon-to-be new mother-in-law! Susie has not been on a horse in years, but there she was getting ready, giggling and giggling and giggling. Her new engagement ring almost blinded me with its bright and sparkliness!

Susie on QTee. Now that looks like a happy trail rider!

Terri, Susie's soon-to-be new mother-in-law, grew up riding horses, so she was all smiles to to be back in the saddle. Honestly, she was really happy. She got to ride Cody.

Everytime I got Chrstine in a picture she had her mouth wide open! So I didn't post any of those pictures! Christine ended up riding the newbie, Jody, so Susie could be on QTee. Because QTee takes care of people. Halfway through the ride Christine said she thought Jody has some kind of Missouri Trotter in her blood because her trot was so very smooth.

With QTee, Lilly, Jody, Cody and Charlie under saddle, that only left one horse in the pasture! Bill felt bad for him, so we started on our ride with Bill ponying Freddy while riding Charlie. Here is a good shot of them starting down the road.

Susie was happy as a clam on QTee. She claimed that she had to cling to the saddle horn when QTee started stepping out, but I don't think she needed that saddle horn at all! Susie said she'd bring up the rear, but she and QTee were always charging ahead! While laughing!

At the big pasture, Bill dropped Freddie off.

Everyone managed to get into the frame of this picture!

Here's an over-the-shoulder shot!

Lilly was in front for a lot of the ride which meant that our group moved very slowly. But if there were any complaints about the ambly nature of our trek, I didn't hear them! The woods are really so gorgeous. A few times we made the wrong turn so then we got behind Bill and Charlie. When that happens, get ready for the real adventure to begin!! Our ride was terrific. I went on trails I had never been on before. And it wasn't all slow and pokey! There were some challenges too. A ride with Bill is never complete without a daring escapade or two! Yeeeeeeeeehaw!

All back safe and sound! No mishaps, no incidents! A good time was had by all!

Look how happy Cody was to be with Terri!

While I was riding, Brandon was on a Mushroom Quest! Look at all the fungi he brought home! We ate a lot of that pile for dinner. My favorite ones turned out to be those little black rubbery ones. they are called Horn of Plenty. Delicious!

The next day it was just me and Lilly and Christine and Qtee! Old Faithfuls!
For the ride with Susie and Terri yesterday, Bill had done quite a bit of trail clearing in a part of the woods I'd never go in because it wasn't marked well and seemed kind of wild. Like I knew I'd mosey myself into a big tangle and get lost. But since he worked on it, it is irresistible. Christine and I headed right to that trail. We named it Trollwood, after a forest in Ireland with the same name.

And today (Monday) I was off on my own again! Here is my foot in the stirrup. I wear riding boots made by Ariat which, when I got them for Christmas a few years ago, I didn't think I'd like. Boy was I wrong. I love them.

Lilly was up to her nibbling antics again! Do you see that leaf in her mouth?

Today's trail find was a turkey feather.

I got home in enough time to do some gardening. I took a picture of my favorite tool for the garden. I confess, I am like a drug addict with his drug with this tool. Once this is in my hand, I become a merciless gardener! Only the daisies are totally safe! Everything else quivers as I get near. I never kill anything, but I am an agressive trimmer! I especially do not like plants that have prickers on the, plants that have sneaky little vines, and plants that are too imperialistic! Only the daisies, as I say, get to do what they please!
Happy Labor Day, fellow Americans!


juliette said...

Oh, what a fun post!!!! What a good bunch of friends and horsey friends on your ride. Isn't it fun to see people return to riding after a long break? They smile all the time! You and Brandon with those mushrooms!!! Yummy. I wish I knew more about mushrooms. Last night I ordered Ariat's for winter riding. I am so excited about them - I hope they work out as well as yours did. My garden needs your favorite tool. As anticipated, the weeds took advantage of my glorious horsey summer!!!

Anonymous said...

What fun to have nice rides with friends! And the weather is finally getting into that lovely fall time that I love.

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