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Sunday, October 18, 2009

While Brandon and his visiting mother took Kestrel to ballet, I made a mad dash to the barn so I could get on Lilly. It was raining as I drove over there but I vowed to get on her anyway, wet and soggy tack be damned! But alas, it was really raining hard--sleeting even-- and once again I bailed on the ride. For one thing, my brumby was soaking wet. And look at that big blotch on her bum!!!

In the barn, as soon as Lilly saw Rudy she put her ears back! Rudy is an apple and carrot rival!

I did my best to groom Lilly and get her all pretty just to be turned back out into the pasture again! She nibbled carrots, apples and apple wafers while I worked on her. And sometimes she'd snuggle into me and let me kiss her eyelids over and over. Kissing her eyelids is like a little flower being born in my heart.

Hey! Who's that? Looks like she heard the crunch of apple and came for some! Have you ever seen a Highland cow's tongue poking out of her mouth for a bite of apple or carrot? It can look very serpentine!

Lilly's feet were the very hardest to clean today. In fact, after several attempts, I gave up.
Do you like the pink brush? I like all of Lilly's accessories to be pink. I am going to The Equine Affaire next month and I cannot wait to see what kind of pink horse items I will find there!
There are Lilly's boots hanging up in the barn, right next that a hockey helmet? Looks like Bill can never be too prepared for a rambunctious horse!


Paint Girl said...

It's that time of year for muddy horses! Mine are so disgusting right now! Ick!
That cow is awfully funny looking. That is an ancient hockey helmet!

Pony Girl said...

Your weekend looks as wet as mine was! I really want to ride my pony but the wet, slippery arena just isn't safe enough, hardly is over the fall/winter months. Ah well, he'll have to suffer through grooming, longing, snacks, hugging, and grazing. Not a bad life, if I say so myself! :)

Anonymous said...

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SprinklerBandit said...

Aw, such cute feet. I'm sure she didn't mind a day off.

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