Into the Brumby Circle

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The brumby circle is something like the arctic circle. It involves weather conditions and intrepid adventurers. It can involve doing things just like the Vikings did, and demands real exploration. Your itinerary must be flexible, and if you are lucky, you will be blessed with a beautiful yellow-pink sky. It's all yours for the taking in the brumby circle!

In the rugged fjord-like terrain of Bear River Horse farm, the biggest chore of all is getting your brumby cleaned up for a half-day trek in the wild!

Maybe you will pick a brumby who likes to lord over all things--even Toyota Corollas parked on the treacherous by-ways of the region!

Out in the wild, your field leader named Bill will grumble about his steed who feels tired that day and doesn't want to canter up trails crunchy with freshly fallen autumn leaves!

The ancient trails will have you wanting to kick back and slip into a gentle amble, defined by the quality of R&R you can squeeze into it. Aaaah, yes, the brumby circle is not one to be missed.

The signature draw of the brumby circle is the sheer number of brumbies to see, and their grace and elegance. Perhaps the field leader will switch up the brumbies in your pack on a whim....

And you begin to ask, Is this heaven? And someone in your group will answer, No, it's the Brumby Circle.

No, that's not thunder, it's the ancient sound of hoofbeats on the earth! It is the drum of nature calling.

Your own brumby may gaze with restful interest on the path that lies before you. She is tapping into the age-old collective consciousness of all the brumbies who have come before and who are here now...

Your brumby is like an old, knowing wizard.

There is a risk on your journey of becoming a Brumby Circle Fanatic.
You will go from loving her a lot, to loving her a lot more.

Your patience will sustain you when getting an unwilling brumby to cross water step by step rather than jumping willy nilly over it.

Keep your options open. You may want to try yet one more brumby while out on the trail.

Or you may be perfectly happy with the partnership you have found with just one.

It pays to be vigilant. You may see a plethora of other species while tromping around in the wild. Many black animals, like this one shown here, call these hills home.

As the sun begins to set in the sky, and your trek draws to a close, you will realize you have never felt so cold, or so tired, or so good.

If you are interested in this kind of trek though the brumby circle, call your outfitter today! There is a brumby and a journey right around the corner.


Anonymous said...

Very cool! Brumbies rule!

Paint Girl said...

I love this!! Thanks for taking us along your Brumby journey!! Beautiful fall pictures!

juliette said...

Brumbies and adorable black wild animals like the one shown in the picture are all my favorites! Autumn in the Brumby Circle is not to be missed. Wow. You are very lucky to live there with your Brumby!

SprinklerBandit said...

Looks like a fun day, and your little brumby was very well behaved. I'm a tiny bit jealous...

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