Come! Said the Wind to the Leaves

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

ZIP? That's about what I have been able to contribute to my blog in the last few days!! I am sorry about this--my mother in law is visiting. This picture is actually a nameplate in Bill's barn. I have never known a Zip there, but here's some evidence of someone who used to exist!
Even with my mother-in-law visiting, I have been doing my best to get to the barn anyway. Frankly, I like the quiet that the barn and Lilly offer. I also love the sound of Lilly munching a big bite of apple. Very cute.

Two days ago at Bill's as Christine and I were walking up the road to the trail with QTee and Lilly, I heard a clatter behind me and the four remaining horses in the pasture had broken through the fence and were running toward us! This is what the fall air is doing, and the havoc all the wind and swirling leaves are causing! The air is WILD here! There has been kicking and bucking and running--and now The Great Escape! And what help was I? I saw those horses getting up in canter toward us and I screamed! Now how's that for remaining cool in a sticky situation? Some horsemaster I am!! Christine was able to grab Ruby, but Tuffy, Jody and Pokey were off! Right into Gary's yard where they first trampled his beautiful lawn, and then they carried on up a trail to the neighbor higher on the mountain! Ooooh dear! Naughty brumbies!

Loose horses are never a good idea. It is a good thing that Bill does not panic. We called him on the cell phone, and he was out and down the road in a flash, and within minutes had captured and haltered all three loose naughties. He also fixed the fence and then strongly encouraged Christine and I to reconsider our trail ride. So that day, we played in the ring. And I have no pictures because I was unable to work my camera into the equation what with all the excitement and all. Lois Lane I am not! But I was very pleased with Lilly who did not lose her cool in an effort to run with the herd. She was calm and obedient the whole time.

There she is! That's Jody's mane we are peering through. I think my brumby is thinking: What are you doing over there? And why?

Don't let this picture fool you into thinking my brumby is lowest in the pecking order. I know it looks that way as she nibbles a tiny bit of hay back there by Pokey's bum. Here she was just joining the rest of the horses after our ride. A few minutes later she made a fuss and got her own pile. But she does look cute here, no?

This is not a brumby! I took this picture of Brandon at his "office" yesterday.

Here is a picture of Jody's brand. I think it would be pretty cool if Lilly had a brand on her.
But I hate the idea of her getting hurt in the process. If I were to design my own brand, it would have a big letter O in it.

Here is Jody's rump. I love her shapes and spots.

My brumby and her black nostril!!!! One time I accidentally pierced this nostril with the crosstie hook. One day I might supply details to this story. Let's just say I felt terrible about it. But luckily, my calm and cool as a cucumber brumby was very still and Bill was able to extract the hook easily. She did not bleed very much at all.

Christine and QTee in the autumn air! I didn't mean for this photo to be blurry (bad, Camera, bad!) but I like it this way just as much. I love Christine's posture when she rides. It is always balanced.

LOOK! Bill managed this shot of a coyote in the pasture! Isn't he fun?

That's me with my Montana winter riding hat on!
YEEEEEEhaw, friends!!!


Anonymous said...

Glad your brumby kept her cool during the escape! Super brumby, she is!

Pony Girl said...

Scary, loose horses! I'm glad Bill rounded them up. Have a good visit w/the mother-in-law, hope you get back to more riding time soon!

juliette said...

Does your mother-in-law read your blog?
The winds are creating a stir in every quarter, that is for sure. It makes people and horses want to kick up their heels. It is good the runaway horses were caught easily by Bill. Mom and I must say once a week, "I want a Bill!"
Brandon looks adorable in his ear protection. What does he do? I thought he worked with mushrooms!!!lol He wouldn't need ear protection and hard hat for that!

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