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Saturday, October 10, 2009

I started today with a trip to the center of town where the annual Fall Festival was underway. I didn't have long because I had a plan to meet Christine, but here is a picture of Mike Scalski's famous tag sale. I love this giant tag sale, and while there today I bought some very kitchy stuff including an ancient nativitiy set (sans baby jesus), some glass fruit that my husband rolled his eyes at, and a vintage Nancy Drew book because I love Nancy Drew. My husband excitedly found a huge collection of tarantulas and bats in formaldehyde jars and I shiver a little thinking that it is now on our dining room table. Bleccchhhh.

At the farm, it started out very gothic and blustery with leaves blowing all over and a few sprinkles flying. Christine and I headed out on the trail anyway, despite the sky's haunting, Wuthering Heightish quality. But soon enough the weather changed and we were under blue skies. Here is Christine generously giving Lilly some carrots from QTee's stash. My brumby will never pass up an opportunity to eat!

Lately Lilly has been getting close enough to QTee on the trail to reach over and give her a good chomp. Today Lilly tried that and QTee gave her a good kick in the chest. I know Lilly deserved it, but it sounded like it really hurt and I felt bad for my brumby. Maybe next time, she'll remember that QTee is boss. And maybe I shouldn't let her follow QTee so closely.

Blurry shot of Henry zooming by in his safety vest!

Who would like to buy this stove from Bill? It's got a blower on it and everything!!!
Happy trails, my dear cyberfriends. See you tomorrow!


katrocada said...

missed today's festivities! what a wonderful day it was to hop on the hoss. glad you got in a ride.

Paint Girl said...

Tarantula's and bats? Oh my! I would not like to see those two on my dining room table! I killed a spider the size of a tarantula in my garage the other day, don't know how I did it, considering I have a severe fear of spiders!
Poor Lilly, I hope she is okay from the kick. Fritzy will only kick a strange horse she isn't familiar with, if that horse gets too close to Brandy. She is very protective! Or just being a brat.
Lovin' Henry's vest!!

juliette said...

The tag sale sounds like fun! I like your photo of Lilly and QTee. That is a shame Lilly got kicked. Hopefully she is ok. I think Henry's picture is so cute as he hurries by between the horses in his vest. You sure are timely with your camera!

Pony Girl said...

You crack me up! I would have loved that tag sale, though! :) I would love to have those jars of creatures for the kiddos at school to see though, lol!
I think the weather is getting gothic around these parts starting tomorrow. Bummer.....I really was hoping to get some rides in soon!

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