Haunting the Horses

Monday, November 2, 2009

Lilly was lucky that Halloween was on a Saturday this year. That meant I had plenty of time to scare her. Of course, scaring horses is not hard at all. Especially if you happen to be wearing a big wolf mask...... WATCH OUT LILLY!!! HERE COMES A SCARY WOLF TO GET YOU!!!!!!!


Is this a sheep in wolf's clothing????


I would never hurt Lilly! I was actually amazed at how fast she and QTee tried to get away from me! Lilly was trying to figure out what I was doing with that mask on! She did not like it! Bill was worried in her haste to get away from me, she and QTee would bash into his new fence he spent the entire morning putting up! here I am setting the mask aside so I can lead her to the barn without incident!

We let her sniff it a few times and she blew out of her nostrils at the mask like a dragon. See, Brumby? All latex and synthetic hair!!!

But in the barn, there were more ghouls to contend with!

Look, Lilly! It's a skeleton!!!!

A skeleton who wants to ride you around!!

Here Bill is helping the skeleton get on....

I'll bet that rider doesn't weigh too much!!!!

I'm sure in the middle ages they had special names for horses who carried skeletons around.

Now, on to Lilly's costume proper!!!

Oh, what an adorable ladybug!!!

Will those wings be strong enough, Brumby???

Louise was jealous of all the action, so I let her be a ladybug too.

More skeleton.

And some french cows in the pasture nearby!


SprinklerBandit said...

Thanks for the post! I almost fell out of my chair laughing. I especially loved the ladybug costume on Louise.

juliette said...

You are the absolute funniest person in the world!!! Lilly as a ladybug - and Louise! Oh, both looked just perfect. So cute!

Pony Girl said...

That is hilarious!! You have some cool costumes, dear! Your Brumby is a trooper for putting up with all that spooky spirit! ;)

Paint Girl said...

You are so funny! Now that is one way to desensitize your brumby!! I love it! Maybe I should do that with Chance!
Love, love, love that lady bug costume on Louise! Now that is one good looking lady bug!

katrocada said...

This is vintage you! I love it!! Lily is lovely in costume, as well.

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