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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I mentioned in my last post that Saturday morning I was occupied with a special project. Well, here is my special project: Meet our new dog! Well, she's just a puppy! Her name is Gettysburg! She's a very shy little dog, but always busy busy busy. The rescue people said they thought she'd end up being around 50 pounds. She is clearly a shepherd mix, but we suspect there is some setter in there too. We chose her because we thought she looked like Yeti. We named her Gettysburg because we love American History, and because my husband grew up right near Gettysburg, PA, but mostly because we wanted a name that reminded us of Yeti, and Getty rhymes with Yeti. So there you have it: Our new little beebee who has a particular fondness for chewing slippers, bathmats and bras.

Luckily, I have been back in the saddle! It felt great! And I think my brumby was happy to see me!

Bill changed up the ring by removing the round pen. Now the ring feels huge. He also moved all the barrels and other stuff off to the side. Here is CC and me on Jodie and Lilly. We were getting them to get over their fear of that trash barrel. Lilly was terribly afraid of it.

What is great about the new space in the ring is that I can get Lilly up into a nice canter without it feeling frantic. But I can also do big figure eights with her. This will help me work on my neck reining and stopping on command. I have been very naughty about practicing the basics. Bill got on Lilly and tried to flex her and noticed how bad she has gotten at it. Spare the rod and spoil the child! Still, it is not really very funny when my horse is not good at flexing. Because it means she is really bad at neck reining properly. I will need to renew my effort to be diligent about the most basic training tools.

But I must say, for a horse who had not been ridden in three weeks, she was spectacular. Calm, easygoing, willing. I am constantly thankful I can pluck this horse from weeks in the pasture, climb on, and get no attitude. If anything, my brumby was slower than ever. I actually used a crop to keep her in a workable trot. My brumby will fall asleep on her feet if I let her!

Do you see what the ring is like these days? Perrrfect!!!

Before I gave in to being sick last week, I dragged Brandon to Pfizer Fantasia at the Equine Affaire. I loved it, as usual. I particularly love the Canadian Cowgirls. They THRILL me. It is probably some secret fantasy of mine to be in a horse flag corps. I love their choreography. Everytime I see them I feel like designing a routine and roping Christine and Bill and CC into it. And then I think of how ridiculous that would be. Bear River Flag Corps??????? Now that is very silly.
My pictures from Pfizer are not great, but I am putting a few in anyway.

I loved this giant carriage.
After Pfizer we got home quite late and the flu entrenched itself in my body. I was unable to get back to the Equine Affaire. So I couldn't get any new pink saddle gear, the rhythm bells I wanted, or good winter-weather riding gear. I also didn't get to talk to any of those researcher-type PhD vendor guys who can talk to you about the latest developments in hoof care, rain rot, and barefoot shoeing. I missed it all. I guess I'll have to set my sights on 2010.

Here's CC on Jodie. Bill and CC tell me that Jodie is an excellent horse to ride. She certainly looks very pretty when she is being ridden. She has the nicest bend in her neck when she canters.

Here you see another picture that would make a good album cover. Maybe our band could be called The Mares. Because the only male in that picture is the dog!

This is CC on her soulmate horse, Yogi. She spent at least an hour or two lounging on Yogi this way while Christine and I worked Qtee and Lilly. I think there is something very beautiful about this photo.

EEWWWWWWWWWW!!! Is that ever GROSSS!!!????! Bill took this picture. Yes, it is from recent days! We STILL have ticks around! I hate them!!!!!!!! This picture is very vile. It was almost too gross to post!!!!!!


juliette said...

I LOVE your new puppy, Gettysburg. She is a real cutie. And, I love how you came up with her name. That is nice to have many different angles and ideas behind a name.
Your new ring is perfect - more to make me jealous of Bear River. I don't think I could ride in your Corps though! I would get the giggles and blow the whole choreography.
The album cover photo is unbelievable. Don't you wish you could put out a cd just to really use it?!?
I pulled 3 huge bloated ticks off Pie and Sovey - 2 on Pie - 1 Sovey. They were too big to be deer, but still left a round lump where they came out. I hate them and can't figure out their purpose.

Paint Girl said...

I love your new puppy!! She is just so adorable!! I also love your name choice!! You are so creative!
I bet Lilly was very happy to see you! That is so great that you can just get on after a few weeks off and she is so good. If I have been working mine consistently, I can just get on too, but if they have had time off, like right now, then I would longe them first.
Your arena looks great! I wish I had good footing like that! One of these days...
That tick is disgusting. That is one area that we are so lucky in that we have no ticks around here, unless you go way out in the woods or mountains, that is where they are and where they can stay!

Anonymous said...

Gettysburg is lovely - I'm really interested in history too!

Glad you're back in the saddle, and you're very lucky to have such a calm, willing, mare.

No ticks here, thank heavens!

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