It's a Jolly Holiday With Lilly

Saturday, November 28, 2009

On Thanksgiving I was lucky enough to squeeze in a pre-dinner ride with Christine. The weather was gloomy so I took no pictures. And we couldn't stay out long because we both had places to be. But a short trail ride is better than no trail ride!
We also had plans to meet on Friday and ride again, but it was raining. Not cold but very wet. (Yet another reason to get myself a duster!!!)

I see at Bill's that he is getting ready for wintery, slippery weather. Here are some shoes I observed all lined up and ready to go. Last year Lilly wore studded shoes, and she also had rim guards around the shoe. Those rim guards were a blessing. The year before both Christine and I went crazy trying to keep Lilly and QTee's feet free of packed snow while out on the trail. I can tell you this: coating their soles with vaseline or cooking oil does not come even remotely close to working. But those rim guards? Brilliant.

Today wasn't too cold or too wet, but it was too windy! In fact before I even got up, I could hear it whipping around the eaves of the house. I have ridden (in the ring) in the wind, but today it was too scary. So I went to see Lilly to groom her and introduce her to Gettysburg.

Here's how the introductions went. Pretty good!!!!

Of course, a dog is not big deal to Lilly because she is often surrounded by Bill's dogs, Bill's daughter's dogs, and Christine's dog. Sometimes all at once!

This is what happened when I returned Lilly to the pasture. She and Ruby decided to occupy the same space at the same time and the next thing I knew, they were bucking and fussing at each other. Ruby definately likes to be in charge! But sometimes, so does Lilly!!

Hope everyone had an excellent Thanksgiving!
This year I was thankful, once again, for having the honor of owning a horse.


Anonymous said...

Nice you got in a Thanksgiving ride. My two horses with shoes wear ice shoes starting mid December - front shoes with borium spots for traction and rubber snow pads with a domed up spot that pops out the snow. Helps prevent "snow balls" in the feet.

Paint Girl said...

Happy times with your horse!! I love how Lilly ground ties, I have always wanted to train my horses to do that!
Getty is so cute! Glad the introductions went so well!

Pony Girl said...

I'm glad you had a great thanksgiving! Lily is so cute!! I am curious about those shoes. I am glad you have them so you can ride. The snow in the hooves is a major pain. Last year, my horse had 4 shoes on, so the snow really balled up. Luckily we don't get much snow. This year, he only has front shoes, so hopefully if we get snow, it won't get too bad!

juliette said...

I know this wind you speak of!!! I love the Lilly meeting Getty photos. Too cute. Ruby and Lilly are making sassy ears at each other. Naughty cutie pies.

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