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Monday, November 30, 2009

Christine and I finally got our trail ride in this weekend! Partly sunny, no rain or wind? Sounds great! We had a nice leisurely stroll through the woods, and were noticing how the trail changes greatly as the seasons change. We see valley and bluffs now that were concealed all summer by leaves. And once or twice we have to say, Are we going the right way? Because it looks that different! But the horses always know what way to go.

When I was putting Lilly back in the pasture I noticed that she seemed to be limping. Ooooh dear. What could be wrong? She looked fine walking straight, but turning her in tight circle revealed something amiss with her front right foot. She had been fine on the trail! There were no signs that she was sore at all. Sometimes I think the art of horsemanship is a subtle art indeed. it's times like this I wish I knew more. Lilly has been gimpy a few times over the last few years, and it has always worked itself out under the watchful eyes (and care) of Bill and me. But mostly Bill. He watches her and gives her medicine when she needs it. He'll move her to the stall if she needs real R&R and protection from the activity of the other horses. He's the one who'll recommend I call a vet if it comes to that. And let me tell you how much I hope it does not come to that! I HOPE IT NEVER COMES TO THAT!

With the cold weather coming, I am reminded that these Toe Warmers were my best friend last year in the barn, in the ring and on the trail. I have Mountain Horse winter boots that are supposed to keep feet toasty even when it is bitter cold. BUT THEY DO NOT! Not even close. Even with winter boots on, my toes feel like I'm wearing flip flops. And that feeling is so wretched that I just end up having to go home. But with these in my shoes, I can go for hours! I could do an informercial for this company!

There's Louise wandering around.


Anonymous said...

Hope Brumby's foot feels better - nice that you got in a good November ride!

juliette said...

Where is my comment? Why do they go missing?
Sorry if this is a repeat...
I am glad you did the informercial! I have to get some foot warmers - my feet freeze in the winter - two blocks of pain.
I hope Lilly is fine tomorrow. Bill to the rescue.
Louise is something to behold.

Paint Girl said...

Maybe Lilly has an abcess? I know horses typically show pain when standing and walking when they have an abcess, but also when they have to turn sharply, it is very painful for them. I sure hope she is fine!!
I bought toe warmers, but haven't had to use them yet. I have heard mixed reactions on them. Do they bunch up in your boots? That is one of the issue's that I have heard about them. I am still all for giving them a try! I hate cold feet and hands!!
Louise always brightens my day!

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