Blue Boot Blues

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Oh dear! What is Lilly doing with that giant blue boot on? You guessed it, she is being treated for her gimpy foot!
Lilly is limping on her right front foot. Of course, this is not good news at all. I fret constantly about her. And its not just because she can't be ridden. I do not like the idea of Lilly being in pain. I do not like seeing her unable to frolic and go about her regular horse business. I hope as I write this post that her foot is healing in there and that all those bones and muscles and sinews are mending. I hope if there is some big gob of yucky infection that it is doing everything it can to get up and out of there!! OUT OUT , TROUBLE SPOT!!! I am lucky that Bill is on the scene taking her temperature (normal) and soaking her foot in this big boot.

We'll keep an eye on her and if we need to, I'll call Dr Schmidt and have him come out, probably with an xray machine. This picture is of lilly with her wrap on. She probably has a poultice on under the wrap. She is also on stall rest. Luckily, there are many creatures in the barn area to keep her from feeling lonely, and she can see the other horses from the paddock. Do you see how soft and cute her muzzle is in this picture? Oh lame saint, my heart swells with love for you!!!!!!


juliette said...

Thinking good thoughts for Miss Lilly from here. We love her and her adventures and hope for her speedy recovery so she can return to her pasture friends. Try not to worry! She has the best care ever in the wonderful Bill.
What a cute little muzzle!

Anonymous said...

So sorry your brumby is uncomfortable - does Bill think it is a hoof abscess? If so, it should resolve well once it breaks through the hoof or coronet band. Hugs to brumby!

SprinklerBandit said...

It looks like she's adjusting to all the pampering rather well.

The Urban Cowboy said...

Nice looking mare, hope all is well with her soon.

Anonymous said...

horses... you gotta love em or they'll break your heart... blessings 2 brumby
gp in soon to be very snowy montana!

Pony Girl said...

Maybe your Brumby and My Boy can have a boot shopping party!!! Check out my latest post- he's got something brewin', too. I'm hoping it's just a hoof abscess. I like that blue boot, it comes up pretty high. Where did you get it??
Have a great weekend!

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