Brumby Meets Abscess?

Saturday, December 5, 2009

My brumby is not better! She is still very lame and does not want to put any weight on her right front foot. It breaks my heart to see her struggling to walk over to me to get carrots! It is a real challenge, her not speaking english, to ascertain where the issue is actually rooted. It could be in her knee or shoulder for all I know. This not-knowing almost had me wishing for an abscess, because at least with an abscess there is a measure of predictability. (Can you imagine wishing for an abscess? Have I gone crazy?) In any case, I decided I would call the vet. The girl at the vet's office said Dr Schmidt would call me back to set up the appointment.
That was yesterday.

Today, there were a few more clues to observe (along with a load of snow). There is a bit more swelling down by her hoof. Not much, but noticeable if you compare it with the left. And there is a new spot right along the coronet that makes Lilly wince if you press on it. All of this makes it seem more like an abscess is percolating in there. Don't think I came up with this on my own; Bill made all these discoveries. He's the real Nancy Drew here. I think of a big blob of pus and infection in Lilly's dear little toe and it makes me frown. I'm glad she has bute to make her more comfy, although Bill said without the bute, there might be more behaviors to observe (such as laying down in the sawdust rather than putting any weight at all on her foot).
Well, as you can see from the picture above, the big blue boot was employed again, and Lilly had a nice 30 minute epsom salt soak. Was my brumby very patient while her bumbling owner clumsily shoved her lame foot in the boot? Yes, she was.

Here's what it looks like in there!

This is how Lilly likes to stand--with her right front foot either stuck out in front of her, or slightly behind her, so she can avoid using it.
There she is again with her foot sticking out a bit, to avoid putting weight on it.
Is my brumby getting spoiled being up in the stall and paddock with her own pile of hay, a big clean stall to lounge in, and a little bit of grain with her bute each morning?? Hah! if she is, so be it!
I will keep you posted on any new developments. Frankly, I hope the story has a very dull and uneventful ending. Drama and trauma not welcome here!!
Do anyone of you have abscess stories? I would like to hear about them. The more I hear, the more I learn.
Meanwhile, life goes on at the farm with all the other creatures.

Here is Elvis positioning his head in such a way it looks like CC has a horse's head.

Now that one's better!

And here are the chickens out and about, hopefully gobbling up all the ticks that have managed to resist all the cold snaps we have had.

This is a hilarious picture of Gettysburg. Where's her head? She won't sit still for a portrait!

Here's Getty in the snow! As I write this, it is still falling! Winter Wonderland!!


Anonymous said...

Poor brumby - if it is an abscess it may take its time working its way out - particularly if it's going to exit through the coronet band. Hope it resolves itself soon!

Frizzle said...

Ooooh no, I hope your brumby is feeling better soon!
I recently discovered a product that is THE best thing for abcesses, white line disease, thrush, etc. It's called White Lightning and it kills fungus, bacteria, and spores. It's a bit of a process (you mix it with white vinegar and have to put it in a plastic bag and make a little gas chamber for your horse's hoof).
I recently used it when Salem had a little abscess pop out of his coronet. One treatment and it was killed! Although, some stuff may take a few more treatments.
If you want to know where to buy it and tips on creating Gas Chamber Hoof, shoot me a line. Oh, and there are pics of me doing this to Salem on his blog .:-)

Paint Girl said...

Abcesses are a PITA!! My sisters horse has one right now. She has been soaking it in epsom salt every day.
I hope it is just an abcess in Lilly's hoof, it sure looks like it by the way she is standing. Even though they are a PITA to treat, at least they aren't long term!! I hope she feels better soon. I know how painful they can be for horses!

Getty is so stinkin' cute!

OMG~ I love those toe warmers!! They have been a huge life saver this week for me. It's been in the low 20's and if it wasn't for toe and hand warmers, I would not have made it!! I am almost out, so need to head back to the store to get more ASAP!! I can't be without them!

Pony Girl said...

It looks like an abscess to me the way she is standing, I would say if it's getting worse, it's got to be close to bursting! I read somewhere that abscesses are so painful that a horse will walk like they have a broken leg- or won't walk at all. The first time MB got one, my sister thought he had a broken back, he was moving so poorly! My Boy seemed better today, at least, he wasn't worse! In fact, I think I saw a spot on the sole of his hoof that looked like it could have been an exit point for the goo. Not sure, will have to Paint Girl check it out for me tomorrow. I'm still going to soak it another couple days and see what happens. Hugs to the Brum!

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