White Snow, White Feet

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lilly is all better! Her abscess (all of it) has finally blown out and exited the scene. Thank goodness. When I can't ride Lilly, I start to feel out of sorts. Like a real crank! Today I was able to take her down to the ring for a gentle ride. When I first got to the barn, Bill had just finished putting her new shoes on! They are turbo riders, with studs and rim pads!

Bill buys horseshoes from a local guy and then figures out what sizes he needs on his own. Here is a picture of Lilly's shoe in the forge!

Yep, there is Bill at his own foundry out in the arctic temps working on shoes for the horses that will be wearing them this winter. It is not only cold around here, it has also been very icy. Yegadz. In case you happen to be impressed that Bill does his own forging, yeeeaaaah, that's all in day's work for this guy.

Shaping shoes into the right size is a skill and an art.

Tools of the trade.

This snapshot proves that the forge is not only good for making horseshoes!

This is Lilly and me today. I am wearing the puffy snowpants! It was very cold down there in the ring! We worked on sidepassing, and neck reining, almost all of it at a walk. However, Lilly had so much spring in her step, I had her in a nice trot too. It was as if she wanted to be in the ring with me! (At first anyway...Later she just wanted to go back to her hay.)

There were some beautiful, semi-interested spectators.

Here is what Lilly's abscess looks like now. The photograph makes it look much dreadful and more irritated than it currently is. It was a dramatic abscess, but the exit wound is healing perfectly. As the months go by, we will be able to see an abscess scar growing out in her hoof. In six months maybe it will be halfway down? We'll see!

What a gorgeous and beautiful foot you have, Cinderella! And your whitest of white fur! This is the foot that could launch a thousand ships!!!!!

Oh good gravy, is that really me? I hate that old helmet so much. Bill has to remind me to smile for the camera. Sometimes I forget because I am too busy concentrating.

Luckiest Person in the World.


Karen said...

Love the photo of you riding Lilly! Btw, I think you're always smiling on the inside;) We're having a blizzard here, snow's piling up. Hershey's snuggled in her stall and Misty's enjoying her freedom to go in and out as she pleases.

juliette said...

Hooray that you are back on Lilly and riding and Lilly's foot is better. Every ride this week has taken me by my mom's house. She comes out with carrots and says, "Poor (C.)baystatebrumby! She can't ride." These blogs are funny - the way mom talks you would think you and LIlly live right down the street from us! Enjoy your new riding time! I get cranky too when I don't ride. Fortunately, I do ride almost everyday. Coming up, we are heading out and probably no horses for a while. I will be a crankmeister for sure.

Anonymous said...

You and Lilly look great - it must be nice to be riding again! She does have nice feet, and it's wonderful that Bill's right there to do your shoeing! Keep warm!

Pony Girl said...

I'm glad she is doing better! I am curious to see what the "exit scar" looks like as it grows out. I am jealous you got to ride! I haven't ridden in a while. I hope to soon. It's hard to get motivated to ride alone, and, the arena is usually too slippery in the winter and I just don't feel safe doing much more than walking. I can have my horse do that on the longe line.
Love your pink puffy coat! :)

Paint Girl said...

I am so happy to hear that Lilly's abcess is better!!
I remember the days when I used to ride in the snow, at night by moonlight. It was so fun!
I also love your pink puffy coat! I haven't been able to find one like that!

SprinklerBandit said...

You two are so cute together. :-)

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