Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The last two days have had me wondering why, if I love Miami so much, I don't just move there. It has been very cold in these parts, and Saturday was so bitterly windy that when I was bringing Lilly from the pasture to the barn I screamed few times because it felt like my face was getting ripped off my head. Thank goodness I was wearing my hideous snowpants to keep my legs toasty, proving once again that appeal is not necessarily based on looks.

In this picture Lilly must be contemplating the snowsquall that was minutes away from coming down on us. Lilly's foot is doing better, but her treatment is not over yet. She's still a bit gimpy which means there might be some lingering infection. Our good friend Ole Blue Boot was dragged out, and we did another Epsom salt soak. Mid-soak Louise came bossily trundling by Lilly's rear end and either annoyed Lilly or freaked her out so much that there was a brief altercation and Blue Boot went flying. Kestrel (who was with me) and I were lucky we did not get smashed in the melee. But rather than calling it quits, I shoved Lilly's foot back in the boot and finished the soak properly.

My brumby sure didn't seem to mind the carrots Kestrel had in her pockets. But doesn't a good horse deserve them?

I wanted to take a photo of the bottom of Lilly's foot because with all the snow her feet look so very immaculate! Also, it shows how her feet are so flat! No wonder the brum has to wear shoes! The camera (damn thing) didn't coorprate however, and the picture is blurry. When I left Lilly today, I did not return her to the pasture but left her in the stall and paddock area for a little more rest and care.

After seeing Lilly, Brandon, Kestrel and I went to get our Christmas tree. The snow was falling furiously and it was quite beautiful.

Happy Sunday, Everyone.


Pony Girl said...

Oh what fun, getting the tree in the woods! I am sure the Brumby is just still tender from her abscess takes a week or so to get it all healed up. Extra soaking won't hurt though, I did My Boy's just to make sure everything was out. Then again, I haven't been able to get a good assessment of his lack of gimpiness since the ground has been frozen. Next weekend, I'll know better if he's completely better!

Paint Girl said...

I remember the days of going to get the tree out of the woods! I miss those days, we have a fake tree now. Which is nice because no mess!
It sure looks cold there. Fritzy has flat feet too, she has to have shoes when she is ridden, she is barefoot right now, since she is just sitting out at pasture.

Anonymous said...

We cut our tree today! Hope brumby's foot feels all better soon!

juliette said...

Lilly looks like she enjoys all the attention. Especially the carrots from Kestrel. She is such a sweet Brumby! That Louise! Naughty little porkypie!
The Christmas tree outing looks like so much fun. We always used to cut ours, but recently our Florida holiday has made us miss that tradition.
Stay warm in that wind. I know that wind personally!

Frizzle said...

Well, Miami is only nice during the winter. The rest of the year, we are all drowning in pools of our own sweat (and sometimes that happens in the winter, too!).
I've been doing a lot of hoof research lately (due to having a barefoot horse) and have learned that the frog and sole are generally not supposed to be cut on a barefoot horse. And the hoof walls should have a beval or "mustang roll" put on to them. This all helps lead to natural concavity and gets rid of that flat-footedness. For more info, you can go to

Anonymous said...

yikes... definitely i feel sometimes.. i should move back to arizona :)
no place like mt. tho


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