Every Mile is Two in Winter

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I read a quote that said the best way to make winter go by fast is to borrow money that must be paid back in the spring. Well, today I thought maybe borrowing a few thousand dollars might not be a bad idea. It is bonechillingly cold here. In fact, today I was out with Bill on the trail, and my hands were too cold to take photos! The thought of pulling my hands out of my gloves was a terrible thought indeed. So here are some pictures from yesterday and today taken by Bill!

Both yesterday and today this is what I had on: long underwear, plus Under Armour, plus a wool sweater! And then I had on my insulated puffy pants and my outdoor riding jacket (Christmas present). And I also had toewarmers in my boots and handwarmers in my gloves. PLUS I had on a balaclava which I do not think I could trailride without. I also wear the safety orange vest in case when I am out alone and have a mishap, I will be easier to see if someone needs to find me.

I have seen not one sign from Lilly that all this cold and wind is a bother to her. Today on the trail she was perfect. I'm glad my pommel bag is insulated, otherwise the carrots I have for her would have frozen. I remembered out on the trail that I have tapaderos that I need to put on my stirrups. I am thinking they will keep my toes warmer. Which is why I have them in the first place. A lot of good they are doing hanging on the wall in the barn!

We passed the Big Pasture with the other horses in it. They all came around to see us. This is where Bill will throw hay to them. Lilly always likes to visit her pals in the Big Pasture...although today she made quite a few squeals while visiting them. And tried to nibble up a few strands of hay that were leftover from their pile.

In the near pasture as we came back to the barn, a welcoming committee had gathered.

Oh look, I did get my camera out for one picture! That's Bill on Cody checking on Pokey and the donkeys. Lilly wanted to run over to be at that gate sooo bad.
What does everyone else do in frigid weather? Not ride? Ride a little? Any great tricks for keeping fingers warm?
Oh rats, it's Sunday night again.


Anonymous said...

No riding for us right now - too cold and too slippery - and my horses aren't as calm as your Lilly and I have no where to work those bucks out before riding! No help on the fingers - mine are always cold.

juliette said...

Good for you for layering up and riding!!! Lilly is one sweet, good girl. She is happy in her painted snowsuit. She takes good care of you in sun, and rain, and wind and snow!

Karen said...

Love the puffy winter riding pants, glad they keep you warm. My solution to cold hands? Insert hand warmers into English riding mittens. Only thing is your little finger still gets chilled so you have to get your fingers all together now and then to keep them all warm! I slip the hand warmers into regular mittens to do barn chores too. Granted, you can't do some things easily(put on or remove halters) with the mittens or gloves on but it sure feels good to get your hands back into the warmth.

Paint Girl said...

I don't ride in the cold, I barely tolerate it, and I am surprised I do so well working in it now!! Like you, hand and toe warmers have been a blessing! My trainer/good friend puts the hand warmers in her gloves. I think it would be uncomfortable, I just stick them in my pockets, but I can see why she does it. Have you putting the hand warmers in your gloves?
I do give you credit, for braving the cold, white stuff and still riding!! You are one dedicated horse woman, my friend!!
Happy, cold (hopefully warmer soon) trails to you!

Pony Girl said...

I agree- the stirrup covers will help! I would love to ride in the cold and snow, but we rarely get any. :( sniff. And I'd like to ride with someone else, and Paint Girl doesn't like to ride in the cold. Which, by the way- the orange vest- also a good idea. You are a smart cowgirl!! :) Maybe you will have inspired me to start riding in the cold again!!
p.s Your pinto Brumby looks so pretty in the snow!

Frizzle said...

Have you ever tried silk glove liners? I used to wear them when I lived in Chicago and had to stand around teaching riding lessons in 10 degree weather. Yes, it sounds weird, but silk keeps you very warm! I always wore silk long underwear, plus silk sock liners and glove liners. Wool socks are a must! Also, anything with Thinsulate is great, and I had a pair of cashmere-lined gloves that were quite toasty.

The low tomorrow night is going to be 36 down here! I know that's not so cold, but I live in Miami!

SprinklerBandit said...

Brr. Lilly does seem to be doing well and it sounds like she's a lot calmer now than she was last week.

When it's really cold here, I add a few extra layers and then just move around a lot to keep warm... I don't get cold easily, so it works for me.

Anonymous said...

yay for you for getting out... these winter rides sometimes i get more out of since it takes much more fortitude... love doing it tho (afterward)! :)

gp who masquerades as the michelin snow woman (warmth uber alles!)

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