A Little Snow and a Welcome Surprise

Monday, January 18, 2010

When I went to see my brumby today, there was not a single thing wrong with her! Here I had been fretting all night about femoral nerves, ruptured tendons, X-rays and bone scans, and when I arrived at the barn today, my brumby was as fit as a fiddle. Not a single gimp or shuffle! Walk left side safe, walk right side safe--it is like Mr Miyagi himself has been prowling around the pasture! In fact, she seemed ready for a ride! But I didn't bring the right gear, assuming she was lame.
Hmmm, now who is really lame?
I think yesterday that Lilly had just taken a kick from one of the other horses. Maybe I arrived right after it happened and she was still sore from the impact. Whatever it was, I am thanking my lucky stars (or the Miyagi force) that it appears to be resolved.

The snow last night was really gorgeous today. It was the heavy white kind that gets caught in the trees and hangs there in big clumps. And then falls down on you as you walk under the trees. If we had gone out on the trail, it is possible that all the heavy snow sliding off the trees would have made for a spooky brumby.

When I went to Lilly in the pasture, I climbed up on a giant manure pile for a birds eye view. Of all the times for my brumby to actually feel the need to approach instead of ignore me, today turned out to be that time.

She really wanted to get up on that manure pile with me! I kept saying NO BRUMBY! like she was a little dog. Speaking of dogs, Getty did run up the maure pile to me where she promply began unearthing and eating some manure! Blleeeccchhh! That is so vile. I like the view of brumby from up here. Her back sure looks comfy!

Hah! This almost makes it look like a very tiny Getty is standing on Lilly's back!

Up in the barn, the snow falling from the trees and plopping on the metal roof made horribly scary noises. But Lilly found this new broom the most frightful.

Thank you everyone for your suggestions and well wishes for my favorite brumby!


juliette said...

Hooray for Lilly - all better Brumby!!! Wax on, wax off!
Lilliputian Getty on Lilly's back is the best! That is so cute that Lilly was trying to climb up the pile with you.

Anonymous said...

Glad brumby is better! Pretty snow! We could use some fresh to improve the footing.

Paint Girl said...

Glad to hear that Lilly is doing better!
I love that picture of Lilly's back and Getty on the manure pile! It sure does look like she is standing on Lilly!! Too cute!

Pony Girl said...

Good news about your Brumby! I know what you mean about worrying about the worst, I do that every time I get a phone call that My Boy is injured. More snow?? I can't believe it! You guys might turn into penguins or polar bears if this keeps up, LOL!

Frizzle said...

Woooohoooo! Way to go, Miyagi force!
Or maybe Brumby was just lazy the other day and figured out that gimpiness = no work and lots of love. Super Intelligent Brumby!

Milly said...

Lily is a surviver!

Julie said...

Enjoyed my visit..Your horses are beautiful!


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