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Sunday, January 17, 2010

My day of rest yesterday panned out. Today I felt much better and headed to the barn to get on Lilly. CC was to be there showing Elvis to some people who might want to to buy him, and Christine was there too. We thought the Elvis Party might head out on the trail but instead they were in the ring. So Christine and I thought we'd head out as a twosome.

Which we never ended up doing! My brumby was walking verrry funny! Christine said she was walking like a toddler walks when he has a big load of poop in his diaper! Oooh dear. She did not appear lame [in her feet] at all, but something was amiss. At first I thought her bum area was just irritated and sore from some diarrhea. So I cleaned her up and applied some Desitin.

The plot thickens. She was actually walking stiffly. And when I turned her in a tight circle, she did not look right at all! Instead of an easy crossover, all she did was some pathetic shuffling. She also avoided putting weight on her left rear foot! Or it looked that way. Was it just coincidence? I got so nervous that I kept saying reft lear instead of left rear! We prodded all around her hip and stifle area but she made no protests. What could be wrong with the best brumby in the whole world?

I am sorry to say that we did not figure it out. This horse mystifies me with episodes of lameness. All the other times she rights herself. I hope this time will be the same. Here are some diagnostic ideas:
1. Lilly slipped and fell on the ice and bruised herself.
2. Another horse clocked her and bruised her.
3. Lilly fell on the ice and then another horse clocked her....
4. Something fell on her, or she bumped herself on the hay crib.
5. She is having an issue, for whatever reason, with a nerve. Maybe the femoral nerve, or some other equally dreadful thing.
For tonight I will play the wait and see game. I left a message for Bill, asking him to give her some bute when he gets home. Then tomorrow I will check on her. I'll see what Bill thinks. I'll see if overnight she gets better or worse or stays the same. I may even decide to call Dr. Schmidt and have him come and check her out. The mere idea of sending for the vet scares me. Because calling the vet means Big Trouble for Little Brumby.
Luckily, it was just this week I renewed my horse insurance.
I hate seeing my brumby this way!


Pony Girl said...

I am guessing a hoof abscess in that rear toe she's pointing in the picture. My horse would hardly walk or pivot onto the hoof when he had an abscess. His worst one was on the front (where they put more weight) but even on the rear one he had last month, he was off on it. I hope that is all it is. Can you feel the pulse in that foot? I would even just start soaking now, while you are trying to figure it out. My farrier was telling me a story yesterday of a client's horse that was swollen up to it's sheath, and the vet came out, never checked the hoof at all, and said he probably got kicked in the sheath. Well my farrier noticed a week or so late that the horse's whole frog had blown out with an abscess. I would start with the hoof and work up, if you can't find any obvious signs of a kick or swelling elsewhere in the leg. That would be my advice from my experience, but I'm not an expert. I do hope she's on the mend soon, I am glad you were feeling better. I know how much you like to ride your girl!! :)

juliette said...

Poor Lilly! I hope she is feeling better soon! What was she up too with her pasture mates? Hopefully Bill will get to the bottom of it without a vet visit. I will keep her painted loveliness in my thoughts! Glad you are feeling better.

Frizzle said...

Oh no! I do not like hearing about a sore little brumby!
I agree that it wouldn't hurt to start treating it like an abscess, just in case. I would also give her some bute, rub her down with liniment, and maybe even put standing wraps on her back legs. If it doesn't clear up in a day or so, I would certainly consult the vet.
Best wishes! I will keep my fingers crossed for you both. And make sure you give your brumby lots of muzzle kisses and carrots -- that will help make her feel better, too!

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