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Saturday, January 16, 2010

It is rotten that I have a terrible headcold on The Most Tropical and Glorious Day of the Winter. Can you believe my luck? The weather has not been so welcoming and friendly in months! So here I am with a cold?! Now that is infuriating. My strategy is to stay home today, tenderly taking care of myself, so that tomorrow and Monday I will be cured, and can head out to the pasture. In any case, that means I will be reading all day and this is a perfect opportunity to delve into some of the horse books in my library.

This book I just got for Christmas from Brandon. It is a true story about a horse named Dan Patch. The book's cover says Dan Patch is the most famous horse in America, only I have never heard of him. Maybe Dan Patch is the Barbaro of yesteryear. In any case, I cannot wait to start reading this book.

This is a book Karen P just gave me last weekend during her visit. Karen P admires Mark Rashid very much. When I first bought Lilly from Bill, he gave me a Mark Rashid book to read. This guy is a great storyteller and a great horseman. I am half way through this book. It is engaging and easy to read, and full of good bits of wisdom from a guy who has been there and done that a zillion times over. (Plus, I love a hardcover!)

Here's a coffeetable book I got for Christmas.

This is one of the pictures it has in it for Paint Horses. According to this book, no one is truly sure why Paint horses emerged. Some say the pinto color pattern evolved as natural camouflage, while others say that the markings were a fluke in the evolution of the horse. (Those are the book's words). I guess if I heard there was a symposium being held around here on horse evolution, I would try to attend. I could probably learn more about the emrgence of the Paint that way.

Here's a book I was reading when I was taking lessons at Biscuit Hill. I've always had this tendency to want to understand riding intellectually, as well as through the actual experience of riding. Now I know that the books don't teach you much until you just climb on and feel your way. Having a good mentor is better than any book, in my opinion. But I'm a bookworm, so I will never discourage the reading of anything!

This book Bill gave me. Lilly can have hoof trouble more than other horses, so this is an extraordinary resource. But the pictures inside are not for the faint of heart!

More excellent horse lessons by way of great anecdotal experience by Mark Rashid. I believe even a non horse person would find this book compelling.

This book I learned about while reading Honeysuckle Faire's blog. Juliette, who writes Honeysuckle Faire, wrote in one blog entry that this book is beautiful and meaningful to her. Well, I am a big fan of Honeysuckle Faire so the same day she mentioned it, I ordered it on eBay. The problem is, everytime I start reading it, I get emotional and start crying! So I haven't even read the damn thing! It is a very emotional book in my opinion.

(Hmm, I am full of opinions today!)

Here's a book I might pull off the shelf and read if I feel I am in a pickle or had a bad training moment with Lilly. Or if she won't canter on the right lead. Or if she won't canter at all. It's not that I think Heather Smith Thomas is all that. I've never really heard of her. All I look for when I open a book like this is one jewel of a comment that will help me see more clearly. Like a little pair of equine glasses. And then I just ask Bill for help.

This book my husband picked up for me for $5 at the Ashfield Fall Festival. This shows that my husband is always thinking of me! He doesn't even like horses!!

This book may be the piece de resistance of my equine library! Christine gave it to me as a present early on after I met her. It details everything you would ever want to know about a horse. It is very textbook-like.

For example, here is a random look inside. The writers of this book are not fooling around. If you want to get serious about learning the ins and outs of your horse's body, this is the book for you.

And here is a book that is nothing if not about the sheer joys of being lucky enough to be on the back of a horse at all!!!! It reminds me a bit of Centered Riding by Sally Swift in its spirit and illustrations. It may be simple, but sometimes simple is all you need.

OK, I am off to bed and some good DVDs.
I hope tomorrow I will be back at the farm!


SprinklerBandit said...

That's a lot of books. I've read the two by Mark Rashid, and I have heard of Dan Patch, but I haven't read a book about him. Maybe you can post reviews when you finish each one?

Frizzle said...

Wow, that is quite an ambitious list!
I have Happy Horsemanship, as well, although I haven't cracked it open in quite a few years.

juliette said...

Oh! That is horrible that you have a cold. I hope you rested today and knocked it out. You were so ambitious with your posting.
What an amazing horse book collection you have. As I was scrolling down reading your captions I was thinking how FEW horse books I own because I can't read anything about horses or I bust out bawling! Just as I was thinking this, you talked about Horses in the Green Valley and how you can't read it without crying!!!! I can only handle Chapter 1, Chapter 4, page 71 (last paragraph)- page 75, Chapter 12 but skip page 122, and Chapter 13. When I give this book as a gift I always write the above passages in the inside cover. I didn't know you bought it or I would have warned you!!!! We emotional types need to stick together and protect ourselves from too much crying! Seriously, I really think I learned more from this book about riding and training horses than any I ever read. Thanks for the kind words and nod to my blog.
Feel better so you can visit sweet Lilly and her friends!

Pony Girl said...

Oh, I love your book recs! I want to read the Mark Rashid one, and the emotional one I should stay away from, but of course I want to read it too! I wonder if I can find a copy on Amazon. Sorry to hear you are under the weather. I was actually getting over my virus yesterday but now I'm feeling under the weather again today. Weird! At least I have another day off from work tomorrow to get better!

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