Sweet Sunday

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Christine and I hit the trails again today and had a lovely ride. It is just warm enough that I can ride for a little bit with no gloves on. That is not to say it is warm, just that it is warmer. Over most of the trail the snow is packed enough that Lilly and QTee did not sink into it much. In other parts of the trail it is not so dense and the horses and the dogs sink into it.

We are supposed to get a lot of rain tonight which will make everything icy and slippery. I'd rather have snow! I am very glad Lilly is wearing her borium shoes.

This was a carrot-nibbling point on the trail. Do you see how QTee's ears are up and forward and Lilly's look like an old mule's? That is pretty much how it is throughout the whole ride. But sometimes Lilly had her ears back because I am talking to her, and she is listening to me. Her ears are so flexible! I love how she does not mind when I mangle them putting her bridle on. Every once in a while you hear about a horse who does not like her ears handled. Thank goodness I do not have one of those brumbies!

This road does not look icy at all. But there are some icy patches mixed in with the dirt. Last year I remember getting off the horses and walking them down some of the road because it was so slippery. It can feel very tense when I think Lilly's feet are going to slide out from under her. Another good reason for the trusty borium slippers.

What a gorgeous neck! You can see in this picture a little mesh bag of booties for Getty hanging from the pommel. Her back feet are still sore from the dew claw removal, and her front feet get sore because little iceballs form on her furry feet. That's all four feet sore and uncomfortable. The booties are in the bag because Getty hates them. She prances around like a very concerned dressage horse with them on. After how sore her feet were today after our trail ride though, I see I am going to have a better effort to get her used to them. Does anyone have any other doggie feet suggestions?

What a cute mouth!


Karen said...

Happy to hear you had such a wonderful weekend with your dear Lilly! She does indeed have a lovely neck; I always loved admiring Hershey's neck from the saddle, then leaning over and giving her a big bearhug.
Beware the ice! Hershey almost took a tumble today in her paddock and my neighbor's horse fell a few days ago in his yard. We're all taking measures to keep them safe (sanding, etc.) and my girls also have the borium shoes; sometimes it's just not enough.

Pony Girl said...

Another fun winter ride! Your Bumby's neck is so clean!!!
No doggie feet suggestions. Bummer Getty doesn't like the booties!
Yes, please watch that ice tomorrow! I've heard of horses falling on ice and really injuring themselves. :(

Anonymous said...

I much prefer snow to ice - here's hoping you do OK with the weather!

Frizzle said...

Very cute brumby lips, indeed! She appears to have a bit of a beard situation, heehee.
And in response to your question on my blog, yes, they are bell boots on his ears (he is quite a good sport, eh?).

SprinklerBandit said...

Such a good, pretty girl.

juliette said...

Sigh! Your snowy rides are idyllic. So is the pic of Lilly's kissy lips. She is too cute for her own good!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Oh I enjoyed joining you on your virtual ride photos..thanks! :) My boy too likes his ears to be rubbed, tugged, whatever..I'm am thankful that he isn't ear shy too!! Lillys is ADORable!

Anonymous said...

wow looks like a great ride... we'll be doing our "snow ride" tomorrow :)
happy trails

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