Welcome, New Year, Come Ride With Me

Friday, January 1, 2010

There are ways to start the new year, and then there are ways to start the new year. I decided to start mine with the best seat in town!

While Brandon was off skiing, I took Lilly out for our first ride of 2010. It was very quiet and ambly. The snow makes everything very serene. I love seeing animal tracks in the snow.

Here is Lilly's borium turbo winter shoe with rim pads. Not a snowball underfoot to be seen! I will never forget the pre-rim-pad days when Christine and I were stopping every five minutes to pick the snow out of Lilly and QTee's feet! Now that is very annoying. Rim pads are like little hoof miracles. They also look a little bit like macaroni.

Not far into the trail ride, The Nibbler was at it again! Don't think that just because there is no summer greenery around that The Nibbler might be hibernating! No such luck. I let her have a few bites, but I kept her moving. If The Nibbler is allowed to take over, we could be out on that trail all afternoon.

This is what I see after I snap off a little piece of carrot in my pocket. No matter how quietly the carrot sounds, Lilly's supersonic hearing picks up on it. She has special carrot ears. Rabbit brumby.

If any of the dogs get in front of Lilly on the trail, she will try to lunge and bite them if they are close enough. Getty learned this within seconds on the trail. Sometimes I think Lilly does this just for fun. Maybe she is snickering to herself as they fearfully dart away from her.

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Great way to start the year!

Paint Girl said...

What a fun snow ride!
Very interesting shoes, but I guess you would need to do something when you ride in the snow a lot!
Glad you had a great New Years!!

juliette said...

What a fabulous way to begin this year! Lilly and her supersonic carrot-tuned ears is soooooo adorable. I love stories and pictures of her. She is the sweetest girl. I love the macaroni snow shoe - whatever works!!!

Rising Rainbow said...

Interesting to see that show! Had a little experience with those snow balls myself. LOL

Happy New Year!

Pony Girl said...

Cool shoes! Those are awesome. Snowballs in the hooves must be awful. We don't get enough snow and probably wouldn't ride in it around here because of that reason.
Had to chuckle at the snap of the carrot line, hee! Have a great weekend!!

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