Ease On Down the Road

Saturday, February 27, 2010

There is some deep snow around here! This is Ruby in the pasture.

Today Christine and I shoveled our driveways out and met at Bill's for a ride. My brumby was particularly affectionate today. I love it when she is that way, because she isn't always so snuggly.

Here she is waiting for me patiently as I ran back to get my gloves. We do have a lot of snow, but today it was warm and sunny! That is Christine with Jodie. QTee is still on stall rest. But maybe tomorrow she will be ready for a short ride. When you are standing in the barn, there is all kinds of strange snowy and tree noises on the metal roof. Lilly is always so good when she is in there; it's like she considers freaking out and then decides against it. Very good brumby..

If you look carefully, you will see my brumby yawning. This is what she does whenever we take too long adjusting gloves or getting the camera settings right. Ho Humby.

It feels so great to be riding. The trail was really deep with snow, so we chose the road. It was gorgeous. Something straight out of a National Geographic magazine. I always say summer is my favorite season, but a day like today is almost enough to make me switch it to winter.

We passed the geldings in the big pasture. Henry barked at them.

Christine and I started out with just ourselves. But on our way back, we found Bill coming our way. There he is up there on Ruby.

This is Bill's point of view of the same moment!

Here we come!
We passed the same geldings at the other gate. That is Elvis, Pokey and Cody. Doesn't that little donkey peeking around on the right make you want the scream? That is so cute!

Here we paused to take pictures of those geldings at the gate. This is actually the point that Lilly started all that yawning. Maybe she thinks she is Apolo Ohno. Because he yawns a lot too..

We started to go off on the trail in the woods. But didn't because it would have been too much for Henry. Walking the road was so beautiful that we didn't feel we were missing out.

Hope you are all enjoying the weather!


juliette said...

That donkey is so adorable peeking around the geldings!!! I want a donkey for Pie and Sovey! Your photos are so great - I can't imagine how pretty it was in real life. Your trail ride does make winter seem better.

Denali said...

Wow! those are amazing pictures! That looks like so much fun! We don't have winter here (we have rain, lots and lots of rain) You make it look not so cold and miserable as I remember it! (I'm from the East Coast) Love the over the ears picture.


Frizzle said...

What a cute yawning brumby! I hope you weren't making her miss her important horsey nap :-D

Pony Girl said...

Great ride! Love the picture of the geldings and donkey, the two geldings on the right look like twins. :)
Apolo Ohno does yawn a lot...it helps him relax before a race. I just loved watching that speed skating and Apolo especially! It was awesome!

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