We've Been Hit!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Just as Brandon was fretting that the ski season was fizzling to an early close due to a lack of snow, a blizzard arrived! Tuesday night it started snowing...and snowing...and snowing! I had a snow day Wednesday from work and got to spend the day at home. It snowed continuously. It was, seriously, like being inside a lifesized snow globe.

This is the first thing I saw when I came out of the back door! Isn't it amazing? The snow was so dense that it weighed heavily on all of the trees and little bushes. It was so wet that when you looked at it, it was blue. It was like a Blue Moon Snow Cone all over.

I am sure the wild birdies did not appreciate their kitchen being closed. So I fixed it all up for them. Once I did that, birds appeared out of nowhere!

I would have gone to see my brumby, but I couldn't get the Toyota out of the garage! The snow was heavy enough that Brandon had to get on the roof and shovel some of the snow off of it. This is when having a house with a small frame comes in handy.

It would have been nice to have a hot bath after attempting to shovel the driveway and shake all the heavy snow off the mashed trees and tiny bushes, but alas, the power was out the entire day. Thank goodness for the woodstove. A few of our neighbors have generators. When I took Getty out on her walk, I could hear them running. They are quite loud. Still, I would like to have one.

Really, the snow is marvelous. Even if it is a bit of a pita.

Here's someone who loves the snow!

She couldn't stop digging in it! I hope this does not mean in the summer, our new dog is going to tear up all the grass and dig giant caves in the yard!

But even if she does, I will love her muchly.

Now, before all this crazy snow came into town, it was almost (if you cared to stretch your imagination) becoming springlike! The road at Bill's was so soft and mushy, that it seemed like the perfect time to pull off Lilly's turbo shoes!

Barefoot again! Aren't her feet so pretty? Whoever heard of stripedy feet? That is so cool.

It may be a bit flat looking, but that is one pretty sole. What a gorgeous frog!

I told Bill that when Lilly has her shoes pulled off, I feel a sense of relief that they are off of her. But then, when we put the shoes on again, I also feel relief. What is it with my hoof-foot-shoe schizophrenia? The fact is, she goes better with shoes, unless the earth is soft and springy. I'll keep her barefoot until May or June. I can always put her Cavallo boots on in the meantime if she needs them.

I don't know why I am so touched by this photo. But I am.

Look! I made another tee shirt!


Anonymous said...

wow... here in montana it's plum balmy and clear compared to your weather... be warm, be safe...

you'd be most welcome guest.. weather or not :)

juliette said...

I laughed out loud of the picture of Getty with her head buried in the snow! That is the best. I know my mom (in Florida now) is cracking up at her computer looking at the picture. You are always taking photos of Lilly's feet. I love that you love her feet and think her frog is gorgeous. That cracks me up so much! You are such a horse person. I am constantly wishing I could talk to someone as crazy about horses as me, and then I sign on and read your blog and, relief, someone else thinks like me.
Also, very funny - your snow pictures of your house look like it is my house, Nutmeg Cottage. I am certain it is the same color!
Enjoy your blizzard! I am growing a little tired of digging out of our snow globe this year, but your post made me appreciate the beauty of it all. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of snow! My Lily has two stripy back feet and Maisie has four stripy ones - and Lily even has stripy (almost looks like bird feather patterns) soles!

Pony Girl said...

Are you kidding? More snow? I don't think I've seen a photo of yours that didn't contain the white stuff in months! :) I have finally resigned to not getting any snow this year. I might be going to a friend's cabin in the mountains in a month or so, so hopefully I'll see some snow there! :)
Lilly's hooves look good!!

Frizzle said...

Oooo, ooo, love the word you invented -- "muchly." That made me giggle! :-D I shall have to use that one sometime.
Lilly does have gorgeous tootsies. You might want to ask Bill to put a mustang roll on the edges, though. That would make her feet even stronger! Salem's hooves are now so strong that his trimmer had to sharpen her knife twice during his last trim -- turbo rock-crunching super hooves!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Oh the snow..I know, I am living in that as well. It is fun though too! :) (Not for driving..just for beauty and clean feet!)
Love that barefoot..it's my new goal for Laz!!! xoxo

Denali said...

Wow! I moved away from the East Coast about 5 years ago, this is a good reminder that I need to stay in Seattle. :) I love the picture of your doggy buried in the snow!


baystatebrumby said...

Everyone loved the snow! Thanks for the comments! Frizzle, you are right, there's no mustang roll there! But we aren't sure if her shoes are going back on or not, that's the reason why. All of Bill's horses have mustang rolls, but none of them need shoes like Lilly does. Ole Flat Foot. Juliette, I love that you call your house Nutmeg Cottage. Our house is stained cedar which I love a lot, and Brandon said he wanted so he never has to paint the house again. One time someone said to me: Oh, you live in the orange house on the corner and I almost fainted. ORANGE house? I wanted to say, That't not orange it's cedar!!! Thanks to all my readers, I love ya.

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