It's a Great Day at Bear River Horse Farm

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I start a lot of my blog posts about the weather these days. The fact is, being out in the weather makes it very hard to ignore. Today it was supposed to be sunny and with balmy temps in the 40s. It may have been in the 40s today...but not for very long. And by the time I got to Bill's there was no sunshine in sight. Still, Christine and I had an excellent ride. It just feels so good to be on Lilly, sitting in the saddle. Besides, who are those weather people fooling? It will be a long time before we are out of winter.

Unfortunately, all of my photos today came out blurry. But why get hung up on the details? I'll post them anyway. Here you see Christine is riding Jodie because QTee's ankle is still out of commission. She is still on stall rest, and today her foot was wrapped in some nice green wrapping.

The snow is still slippery in some places on the trail. I was using that other bit today that I posted in Monday's blog entry. The non-snaffle. It honestly looks a bit hulky but Lilly took to it perfectly. I try very hard not to pull on Lilly's mouth at all when I am on her. Today I realized that I have been forgetting to do the flexing exercises that Clinton Anderson says you cannot do enough of. Why do I forget to do this? It is such a simple thing to remember to do. But I get on Lilly and forget to do it! I must be better at that. I MUST! I need to write the word "flex" on the saddle horn. That way as soon as I am on her, I will see my reminder and just do it.

I wonder what kind of pen will write on leather?

Have you ever seen a cuter brumby drinking water out of a tiny puddle?

Can a brumby really be a gift from God? From the Universe?



Anonymous said...

Brumbies are definitely a gift - enjoy!

Pony Girl said...

They are gifts, that is for sure! Yours is SO perfect for you!! It looks dark and cold on that ride, sorry the sun didn't shine long for you. I do hope that QTee's ankle feels better soon!!

juliette said...

Lovely ride, lovely brumby lovely animal kingdom! It really does feel like spring here in PA - I saw robins and bluebirds and Pie and Sovey started shedding. Can it be long now? Glad you had another perfect ride. You guys are surely blessed at Bear River.

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