Happy Presidents Day

Monday, February 15, 2010

In honor of Presidents Day, I headed over to see Lilly. Because wasn't George Washington probably a masterly equestrian? I really don't see how he couldn't be. I watched a show on TV about George Washington that devoted a lot of time to his teeth. Apparently, some of his dentures remain, and much speculation has been devoted to if he is wearing his dentures or not in the most famous painting of him--the one that appears on the dollar bill. As for Lincoln, I am betting he was quite a horseman too. A long and gangly horseman. Maybe like Dennis Reis.

Here is my beautiful brumby today. I had planned to ride with Christine but (and speaking of teeth), she had some dentisty done a few days ago and is still sore. I really missed riding with her, but never one rue going solo, I headed out alone. My brumby was verrry slow, and so today I tried to keep her going a little faster. Then, as soon as we headed in the direction home, suddenly the slowest brumby became much more interested in trotting. One of my new year's resolution was to perhaps gallop more and trot less. But I don't think I want to gallop more. I'll take a nice even canter over a gallop any day of the week.

There I am with QTee after I had taken brumby back to the pasture. QTee sprained her ankle and has been on stall rest for a week.

The barn is full of all kinds of bridles and bits. I've never not used a snaffle before and just for kicks (umm, not literally!), I am going to try this one out. I want to try them all. I might become a bit connoisseur.
A now, a small meander into my sordid past!......

Yes, that's me in red. I do not look very happy in this picture. Perhaps because it is my sister's birthday and I want to lay claim to her cake. That is my sister Molly and my brother David. The stove in the background tells you how old I am! Because that is one ancient looking stove! And coffee pot! Oy vey!

That's me in the center with my barbie carrying case! I love my dad in this picture. There's something about him in this picture that makes me laugh so hard. I don't know why.

Oooooh dear. That diaper looks like it is weighing me down!

Look! I made a tee shirt!


juliette said...

Oh, I am so tired of my comments disappearing! Ok, here I go again...Happy President's Day. Your Lilly looks clean and white and adorable in the barn picture. Not as adorable as you in the cake picture, though!!! Too cute!

Frizzle said...

Just remember that the long shanks on that bit will create a lot of leverage, so be very soft with your hands. You don't want to upset the brumby!
And your face in the b-day pic made me chuckle. You sure do look like a grumpy little whipper-snapper!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Those family photos are a riot! :)

SprinklerBandit said...

I'm loving the full diaper. What a nice reminder that we weren't always potty-trained... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Brumby and QTee both look happy!

Pony Girl said...

Lily is such a pretty horse! Truly, she's just lovely!
Those old photos are so cute!! I love old photos. You are adorable! You actually remind me of a little girl I taught a few years ago! :)

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