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Saturday, February 13, 2010

You might appreciate Bill's new barn ornament:

How would you like to get poked with one of those horns? Oy vey! This actually was one of Bill's pet cows. (Fret not, she died of old age, right there in Bill's yard.) There are many interesting things at the barn to look at. There are many, many horse items in Bill's collection.

For example, he has this hoof that may look a bit creepy, but it is an excellent learning tool. Because when you flip it over.....

... you get this!!!!!!!! Don't worry, this foot did not belong to one of Bill's horses! I do not remember how or where he acquired this thing. This foot has helped me understand Lilly's feet and the way they are constructed. Especially the navicular bone. I know that books always have good horse-anatomy graphics in them, but seeing the real thing is even better. The funny thing about this foot is that when Bill got it, it had a terrible trim. So he fixed it!

Today I went to the barn to meet Christine for a ride and it was so windy and cold that Christine, who didn't feel well yesterday, felt she did not have the stamina to go out on the trail for a ride. The fact is it really does require so much inner ooomph to go out on such a cold day. I was more than happy to have instead a short spa day with Lilly. Do you know what I hate most about cold weather wear? When I get a little piece of scratchy hay in my clothes that pokes at my skin but I have too many layers on to easily remove it! That pushes me off the cliff of insanity!

Lilly kept thinking the camera was something quite yummy. I fed her many carrots and checked her cinderella feet and lightly brushed her wooly coat. She is such a perfect brumby. She is a little adorable queen.

This is the kind of headstall she ought to be wearing. A little queenie crown.

I am off to watch the Olympics now! Moguls are almost on!!

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Pony Girl said...

Paint Girl's farrier had a hoof like that once. It was interesting (although a little creepy, too... :) All in the name of science!
Aren't the Olympics fun?? I really enjoyed watching the moguls and speed skating last night. And today I ended up watching some of the Daytona 500 with my dad. Not usually into car races, but it was kind of fun! :)
Hope you had a happy Valentine's Day!!

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