It's a Blizzard! (sort of)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Today I did not have to go in to work because the weather prediction for snow was too scary. As soon as I found out I had a free day, I gobbled up some oatmeal and threw my horse clothes on to get to Lilly before the roads got too treacherous. I was at the barn by 9am! I have never been at the barn so early. My brumby was probably shocked to see me. She was busy nibbling some hay. When I went to get her, the hay smelled so much like summer I almost shed a tear.

Check out my new Toe Cozies! Karen P emailed me one day at work about this great sale at These toe cozies were on sale for $16.99! I bought them on the spot. And I'll tell you why: my toes have been colder this year than ever. Not miserably cold, but cold nonetheless. I do have leather tapaderos to fit on my stirrups that probably would help but do you know what? They are still in my mudroom! I have not even put them on! These are easier--you just hook them up with velcro. They also have a little inside pocket for some HandWarmers. I was so excited to try them out. In my excitement I put them both on backwards. I said to Lilly, Brumby, what does it feel like to have an idiot for a master?

Here's my brumby's head as we were setting out. You can see it is snowing a little. At first the flakes were big and fluffy. But then they got thin and wet.

At the Big Pasture all the geldings came over to see us. Lilly gets very excited to see them. She always wants to go to the gate to socialize. Then she squeals and snorts. Do you see that cute little donkey in there?

That's Elvis trying to be King of the Pasture again. He is such a know it all. Always bossing everyone around. At first Elvis's owner just boarded him at Bill's. Then she took him home. Then she said she was selling him. Then she just gave Elvis to Bill. She said Elvis was an Appendix, but as it turns out, he is a registered Quarter Horse! Bill and CC report that Elvis is excellent on the trail.

Bill got this shot of me as I returned from my ride. Lilly was very good except for one spot she got excited and wanted to run run run. I had to hold her back because the trail was a bit unfamiliar to me and had a lot of low hanging branches. I like how she likes to run up hills.

A few days ago this guy flew down to Bill's yard and looked at the chickens for a while. Isn't he spectacular?

Oh, there's Louise trying to find carrots in my bag.

Here's a pig of a different color on Kestrel's bunk bed.

I''ve included the following pictures to show you how difficult it is to get a good photo of Getty. (Little puppies do not like to sit still!)


Pony Girl said...

Those pictures of Getty are trippy, LOL!
Yes, the smells of summer....I am really craving it now, and missing sunshine and warmth! I still want it to snow a day, just one day, but then I'll be happy and ready to move on, hee!
Glad you got a day off (one other reason I want it to snow!) and had a ride! The stirrup cozies sound awesome, especially the pocket for the toe warmers. Splendid idea!

juliette said...

You are so brave and determined to ride! Your post inspired me to ride Sovereign today. We really did get a blizzard and I have been scared to ride through 2 feet of snow. I kept thinking, "Bill says it is like riding a dolphin"!
Getty is the funniest puppy in her pictures. She did stand still for one second for the first one. That Louise in your bag! And Kestrel's guinea pig! Too cute!
Thanks for the always you and Lilly ispire me to get out there and RIDE!

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