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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I know I've said this before: it is DIFFICULT to take pictures when taking your hands out of your mittens is something akin to pure hell. But, as it turns out, this past weekend, between Bill and me, we took quite a few pictures! It's official: you can still have a great time in freezing temps, even though smiling might make your teeth freeze.

Here's what I found at Bear River Horse Farm on Sunday when I got there: Bill with a hovering assistant. Don't let that sunshine fool you, it was chilllllllly.

Bill does love a tractor. I took several pictures of him trundling around on this green one. (Here he merrily waves for his picture!)

But of course, the green tractor is only one in the collection! This one might be the piece de resistance!

This photo was taken from the tractor! You can't see it, but right behind the horses there is a pile of manure. Right after this picture was taken, I climbed to the top of it. Manure climber!

And got this view! King o' the Manure Pile! That's Christine in the quartet of mares. Last time I was on the manure pile Lilly tried to follow me. This time it was Ruby. But then she lost interest and went over to Christine...probably thinking Christine was giving apples away.

Here we are getting ready to hit the trail.

Brrrrr, here we are crossing the north american tundra.

Back at the barn, the chickens decided to bask in the sun. OK, that gray thing isn't precisely a chicken. But it thinks it is.

We decided to see how close the chickens would come to Lilly and what she'd think of them in the barn. Maybe she'd think (ala bumper sticker) "Something magic is afoot!"
Alas, she did not appear to be thinking anything about them. Good brumby. Good chicken-tolerating brumby.

There's a long, skinny horse!

In the winter Bill is very conscious of making sure the horses are getting enough water. They drink from a stream and Bill checks regularly to make sure he sees hoofprints down around the water, and to make sure there isn't so much ice that no one can drink. Christine and I also offer water to them at the barn which they accept maybe 50% of the time. Sometimes Bill will find these little muzzle holes in the pasture! (It's kind of cute, isn't it?) Even in the cold weather, there has been no reason to fret about water availability. Phew!

Happy Trails, until we blog again!


SprinklerBandit said...

What is the grey thing exactly?

baystatebrumby said...

Sprinkler Bandit! You are HILARIOUS! That gray thing is a guinea hen! They are beautiful in my opinion but they are very loud! Best to have them if you have no neighbors!

Frizzle said...

Oh, we have our own version of a grey thing-y bird down here, then -- it is called a sun conure and it is best to have them if you are already deaf!
And cute pics of your bird-loving brumby, as usual!

Pony Girl said...

Cute pics! Will it ever be green again in your blog photos? :) Glad the ponies are getting enough water! Do they drink from a stream year-round? At least you have no troughs to clean out, LOL!

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