New Shoes for the Queen

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I have gotten some new boots for my brumby! I have lusted over these boots on Lilly's behalf for months! In fact, for over a year!

They are made by Renegade and I first spied them on Karen Chaton's blog (on her horse's feet to be exact) which was among the first horse blogs I ever read. It is a grrreat blog for sure. One thing she writes about a lot is hoof care. In one post she was loving these hoof boots so much that I dashed off to Renegade's website. But was I enough of a renegade myself to handle these boots? Because Karen Chaton is no sissy. When I saw the boots came in all colors, including "Burgundy Blitz" which is about as pink as a hoof boot can get, I knew I was worthy!

When I was taking pictures of them this morning, Monkey decided to come and investigate the scene....

...and then Getty.
The fact is, Lilly is barefoot now and she is still ouchie, not on the trail, but on the road to the trail. I hate to see her feet hurting her. Tenderfoot strikes again. I'd like to try to keep her barefoot for a while (thanks to Bill, for a nice barefoot trim!) and I figured these boots are going to help out. I haven't tried them on the trail yet, but I will offer some play-by-play reports this weekend!


Frizzle said...

Ooooo, I too have been lusting over Renegade boots! I just wish they came in turquoise or royal or SILVER! Well, I guess I could just spray-paint them, eh?
If Lilly is tenderfooted, make sure that Bill is not trimming her sole or frog! These structures need to develop a thick, tough callus in order for the horse to not be sore while barefoot. (My trimmer would just clean up the flaps of the frogs a little bit, but not actually trim the whole frog.) If Lilly just came out of shoes, her frogs and soles have probably been getting trimmed, so it might take a while for her to develop those calluses. In the meantime, boots, Keratex Hoof Hardener, and pea gravel are your friends. :-D
I can't wait to hear how the Renegades work out! They sure are stylish boots that the Brumby can be proud to sport.

Jocelyn said...

I would love to go barefoot and use boots, but poor Star has the worst ever, no heel, thin hoof walls, you name it!

I read Karens blog too! said...

Great choice on color! Good luck with the new boots and with keeping your horse barefoot. I love how easy the Renegades are to use. Karen

juliette said...

Love the new boots - I am sure Cinderella will love them too! Also, Monkey and Getty are too cute!

Michelle said...

Love the boots! She'll be looking quite sassy on the trail with those! Keep us posted on how they work out, I've been thinking about picking some boots up. Never used them on Tiny before, but maybe I should?

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