Trollwood Again!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

While my poor husband was home feeling lousy with a sore throat, I left him with his model airplanes and Pay Per View and dashed over for a ride with Christine, QTee, and Lilly. That was after I dragged him to Home Depot to get some trellises grow some Clematis on. Do you know how difficult it is to go shopping with a husband who is not feeling well? Very.

The weather was divine today. Here is Christine in the Blueberry Patch Pasture giving the dogs a snack before we head into Trollwood. Even though it can get a little dicey in Trollwood, we are drawn to it.

This is what the trail is like heading in. This water is pretty darn deep for a seasonal pond! And very mucky on the bottom. I was vigilant in case Lilly considered rolling. It is hard to watch for rolling and snap pictures at the same time! (In fact, today I missed some great pictures because I couldn't juggle the reins, camera and potential wayward behavior.) When Lilly was finished walking through all this glop, she promptly turned her head around for a carrot. Which I provided!

I do not remember taking this picture! But it looks so lovely, I'm leaving it for you to see. It is more evidence of our beautiful day here. And little buds on the trees! Oh, beautiful day, I want to gobble you up!

Oh dear, what have we here? It looks like that might make a nice home for a little brumby-biting or little-dog-snatching troll!!!! What is in there? Do I even want to know? I did not see any eyes peering back out at me.

This was a section of Trollwood that we rode through because on the usual path, a giant tree fell during the winter and is blocking the way. Well, it might not be a problem for an Equestrian World Games eventer(!) but it is a bit too big for us to vault over. Riding this rough patch is the only way around it. It is wet and muddy and filled with slippery mossy stones. There are also low tree branches that might either knock you off your horse, poke out both your eyes, or try to behead you. Oy vey! Christine and I marvel that QTee and Lilly are so willing to trample through, and over, just about anything all while taking care of their cargo.

Can you see this part of the trail is so much more relaxing? Wider pathways, better footing.

I'll end today's post with a self portrait. Do you see my pink helmet! I would love it if it didn't give me a headache! I am in the market for a new helmet! Please feel free to tell me what your faves are!
What? Tomorrow's Monday? Blecchhh!


Ginger said...

Mum got a sore throat too and she's still fighting the cold!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Great ride! :) Maybe Trolls like Brumbys!

Jocelyn said...

I hate my helmet too!
It gives me a headache and the straps rub my ears!
Let me know when you find a good one!

I am going to try a Tipperary soon.

Anonymous said...

pink troxel spirit helmet for me... love it
here where we rode in 4 plus inches of snow... so when is spring??? :)


juliette said...

Sorry about your husband's throat - hopefully he is well by now - I lost this post and am only commenting now!
Happy Dogs at Bear River out walking with Brumbies in Trollwood! You guys sure have nice rides.
I can only ride in the Troxel Sport helmet. This is the bottom-end, no frills, least expensive helmet Troxel makes. It is the basic one that all riding barns have for students. I like it because it doesn't have anything going on inside to hurt my head. Even the next helmet up, the Troxel Spirit, has gadgetry to tighten or loosen the helmet. The Sport is light as can be and isn't uncomfortable. We have three. Mom and I wear the Small size and Brian wears a Medium. One caveat for you - they only come in Black or White - no pink! :(

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