Whoa, Wind!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Today when I was getting ready to go ride Lilly, I could not help but notice how treacherously windy it was. I knew that going for a trail ride might not be an option. But why not an afternoon of work in the ring? Lilly can always use a good lesson there. Into the ring we went!

There is Lilly peering peevishly at Getty who made trouble at all, minding her own business. Getty knows to get out of the way with this brumby comes charging through. It is run or be run over!

Christine and QTee were also in the ring, and Christine's friend Nancy. This is Nancy in the picture, riding Jodie. Nancy is used to riding english but by the end of the afternoon, Bill had her using a curb bit with some loopy reins. But this this picture was taken before that.

Look at this cute non-equine! Unbearable cuteness. I'd like to take this Cute Break to say two things. One is to say Farewell to one of my fave bloggers ever, Pony Girl. She has decided to put her blog Pony Girl Rides Again to bed. Pony Girl, I will miss you! You wrote one helluva blog. I hope you go forth and thrive in all your new non-blogging endeavors. March onward, ex-blogger, I will be thinking of you. Apropos of that announcement, while Pony Girl's blog is on its way out, Christine is just stepping in to the blog world. I feel like telling you because Christine makes so many appearances in this blog. Well, now she has her own! I hope you read it. It's called Hootin Henry! Take a look!
And now, back to the ring, on a windy day......

Here are Christine and Nancy. And there is my brumby trying to hide from me so I will not make her do any more work. The wind was not bothering her and she kept closing her eyes to squeeze in a little snooze in the sun. The best news about today was my brumby gave me the nicest canter she ever has before! It was not racy, it was not willynilly, it was not like I was riding a painted firecracker. It was slow and mellllllloooooooowwwww.

The whole day Christine thought QTee was not feeling well. She did not have any of her springy energy. So back in the barn Bill gave her a temperature check. It was fine. That white stuff on QTee's bum is Desitin for her diarrhea. Poor QTee!
I have included two training videos below! I am not sure if they will even work because today YouTube decided that I was the devil and didn't want to be nice to me. In any case, you will see the first one is some ground-tie training that Bill and I did with Lilly today.
The other one is some more training Bill did a little while back with Charlie. Both are relevant in our neighborhood! I hope you enjoy them.
I did have another video of Louise gobbling up some fruit, but unfortunately the quality was less than stellar so I had to abandon ship...er, I mean, pig.
just scroll down a little....



Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Oh..Lilly is so brave and such a good girl!! Laz would have JUMPED over himself to get away from a fourwheeler, lol! He spooked at a string in the arena today. A string. lol

Pony Girl said...

Geesh, that Brumby is a calm horse! Paint Girl's OH started up the lawnmower today and MB spooked a bit. I don't think he'd let it come too close to him, but he is pretty unflappable. Is Charlie going to be a hunting mount or a parade mount or a mounted shooting horse....or, is Bill just desensitizing him for no particular reason?
Thanks for the sweet tribute!! When one door closes, another opens, so congrats to Christine! I will return to public blogging someday- just need to balance some things in my life and hopefully start a new blogging journey once things calm down. I promise to do some occasional updates, though! ;)

Paint Girl said...

Lilly is so good just standing there when Bill was riding the quad around her!! She is such a good girl.
It is sad that my sis, Pony Girl will no longer be blogging. But hopefully she will come back and join us again someday!!
Getty is so darn adorable!! Love her ears!! Cute, cute, cute!

juliette said...

That Bill is something else trying to scare the paint off of dear, sweet Lilly.
I love Getty. What a cute puppy.
I too am sad about Pony Girl, but she is still going to come to our blogger friends ride if I ever get my act together to organize it!
Hooray for your light, effortless canter!

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