Lesson Time!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

With the days being longer, I am actaully able to squeeze in a quick ride after work. I've decided to try and go to Bear River every Wednesday night, and use it strictly for ring work and lessons. If I am lucky, Bill or Christine will be around to help me. Because people on the ground can see what I cannot.

Here I am getting started with a few flexes. Good gumby brumby. I like having someone watch me when I ride (even though being watched makes me feel like a nervous nelly) because there are so many things to remember up there and sometimes I need a reminder or two. Or ten....

For example, I need to remember to sit up straight. No leaning. And no slumping. And then Bill told me my feet flap against Lilly's big ole belly too much. I need to keep my feet still. And I can't forget to neck rein! But I want my reins to be loose and loopy. And my reins need to be even. In addition to all of that, Lilly should be all collected and pretty. That is a lot to remember when I am up there zooming around!

Brandon loves to come to my lessons. He said this is the best about me having Lilly. This is his picture taking.

When we started cantering, my feet were flapping and Lilly was moving fast and her head was all stuck out. One time she was even on the wrong lead. I heard Bill call from his chair: WRONG LEAD! So I made her circle to the other direction. PS Switching direction instead of changing leads is what you call cheating!

Here is Bill watching. This is when he must have been thinking, What in the world are those feet flapping around so much for?

Just to make sure it wasn't the horse physiology, he wanted to get on Lilly himself. (I wonder if Lilly thought: Uh-oh, now I've gone and done it! Here comes Bill!)

Bill got on Lilly and even though the stirrups were too short for him, he trotted around perfectly. And with very quiet feet. In fact, Bill's feet were perfectly still. Harumph!

After Bill's demonstration, I cantered again. It was not great but better. I was able to get a slower canter! It felt better and looked better. I think it may have been that way in part because my brumby was getting tired or racing around. Once she started to get worn out (kind of), I was able to get her more collected.

At the end of the lesson she started yawning immediately! Oh brumby, why are you so perfect?

Back in the barn, all the animals started gathering for haytime!!!

Coming soon: some of Bill's desensitizing lessons on video!


Anonymous said...

Your brumby is excellent, as always!

Pony Girl said...

Glad you are doing "lessons." I get nervous riding in front of others sometimes, too! Now that I am taking lessons it is helping me, because I am having to be watched and criticized (although that is not the right word!) it is helpful to have someone tell you what you need to work on, and what you are doing well, too! :)

Paint Girl said...

I get very nervous when I ride in front of my boss at work! I don't know why. But part of the problem is he puts me on an english (saddleseat) horse, and I don't do english! I have told him he needs to teach me to ride english!! I keep telling him that I am a western rider, I do SLOW!
It is good to get input from someone on the ground. That is why I like having my sister around. We can critique each other's riding!
Glad you are getting an extra day to ride! I love daylight savings, more time for outdoor hobbies!

juliette said...

That is so great that Brandon likes to come on lesson night and document in photos. You are so lucky! Between a wonderful Brumby like Lilly, a sweet husband and a talented Bill, you have it made!!!

Hooray for the long days of summer and extra riding!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Oh so nice and I'm looking forward to Bill's desensitizing although I'm sure Miss Lilly will rock it! :)
So, just curious...how many days to you make it to your barn? My barn is far from me too and I always feel guilty missing a day, but it's just not possible always.

baystatebrumby said...

Hi K.E.S, I would love to see Lilly every day!! I try to go each sat and sun, and then as the days get longer and the weather nicer, I will try to go at least one day during the week. I've decided on Wednesday, but I hope to add another day in as often as I can. I work until 6pm, so getting to the barn can get tricky. I know some people probably feel 3 days a week is not enough. But to that I say: I do the best I can! I know Lilly probably does not miss me. She is too busy being with her friends and roaming around the pasture!

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