Spring is Springing!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

This weekend I was able to get two great rides in. On Saturday Christine brought her friend Nancy along and the three of us first took the trail we call the "Ridge Trail" because you ride along a ridge before going down a fairly steep bluff, and then for the first time this year, we were able to venture into Trollwood!

Here is the scene en route to Trollwood..which is behind a giant blueberry patch. This picture is of the swampy area where the peepers were peeping so loudly I almost couldn't hear myself think! I love the peepers; they are a true sign that summer is a stone's throw away. Have you ever seen a peeper? They are so cute I could die.

When we first entered Trollwood, Nancy said it was really more like ElfWood because it was so wonderful. But Christine and I know better. We have not named it Trollwood for nothing. Sure enough, by the time our ride was over, Nancy said it was the most treacherous trail ride she had been on in her whole life! This makes me laugh. It was really not that bad. It is what we ride all the time.

Here's a view of the Big Pasture from the Trollwood side. All the horses in the BP could see us out in the woods and came running. It was quite a sight. Sometimes I think if all the crabby people in the world could experience such a thing, they would not be so crabby.

Today I was on my own on the trail. I went out with Getty and Sally and had a mellow and beautiful ride. I also had a little folding saw with me so I was able to chop off some branches that have been threatening to poke my eyes out for months. Here-- I took a picture of some little buds bursting into the world.


Have a great week, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Good point about crabby people! We should try it on them and see!

Jocelyn said...

I really need the weather to cooperate here in the PNW, its so frustrating! NON STOP Rain for weeks!

juliette said...

I love Trollwood and the view of the horses in the big pasture. I agree about the crabby people therapy. Horses in general could help change the world for the better! Thanks for sharing spring!

Pony Girl said...

What a great ride! The weather is finally getting suitable for trails, not that it stopped you all winter, LOL!! Thanks for your super sweet comment on my blog post...it means a lot and I am blessed to have you as a bloggy friend! I will still be reading blogs and keeping "in touch" that way, and do hope to blog again or at least share some updates. Take care of you and that pretty little spotted girl of yours! :)

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