Ring Around the Rosalie

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I was back in the ring last night! But I was not alone! My friend Jackie was there with her daughter Rosalie. Rosalie is in 4th grade and has decided she loves horses. She has been begging Jackie to take her to Bill's for weeks.

There are Jackie and Rosalie, and yes, that is QTee winking at the camera. Adorable. At first I thought they were just going to groom QTee. But then the saddle came out. Because Rosalie is serious about getting some riding in!

Rosalie insisted on wearing that velvet riding hat because it had been Jackie's when she was little.

The stirrups on the saddle were too long. But the kid stirrups were too short. I do not think Rosalie cared. She proudly told me that she was wearing riding boots she found in her closet.

There they go! I think Jackie got more of a workout than QTee! It is hard work to trot on foot around the ring. Rosalie was posting impeccably. Later I heard Rosalie telling Jackie that she wanted to do it herself, without Jackie leading her.

Deedle Deedle Dumpling was watching everything carefully, one ear up and one ear down.

I started Lilly with some trotting. She was very crabby from being pulled away from her hay pile. But she trotted very nicely. At first she tried to trot all over and set her own pace. I could tell she was cranky. Then she seemed to resign herself.

I don't know what is going on here.

I asked her to canter so I could practice the flying lead change. Depending on her lead, Bill would yell YES or NO from his chair. Only I couldn't tell if he was saying YUP or NOPE. It sounded the same. We cantered around on the wrong lead. Then we'd stop and try it again. Each time we started the canter Lilly registered her displeasure. Now really, brumby, one hour of riding on a Wednesday evening is not asking very much. But it was hay time after all. She'd grumble and then canter for me. On the last loop I asked her to change her lead, this time trying to keep my left buttcheek rooted in the saddle. It worked! She changed her lead without changing gait and I could feel it. It feels like a whole universe under me. I liked it. Bill and Brandon cheered from the sideline.

And that was it. Here I am saying: I did it!


Anonymous said...

Lead changes are cool!

Jocelyn said...

Oh to be that little girl again, dreaming of horses and riding.

It was all I did 24/7! My poor parents!

Those were the good ol days!

Milly said...

There's a little bit of Rosalie in everyone!

Paint Girl said...

That is so cool you did flying lead changes! I haven't taught my horses that yet. I have worked on simple lead changes with Brandy a few years ago.

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Rosalie's been bit...no turning back now! :)

Anonymous said...

dont you love it when a plan comes together? Well done
happy trails

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