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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Who doesn't love May? It is one of the best months of the year. For one thing, it really kicks off the great weather of summer. And for another, I was born this month! I got the party started this year by doing some work in the yard. I didn't see my brumby at all on Saturday. I had to get some things done at home.

For example, we put up four window boxes. Those are pansies in there. (Although I confess, petunias are my fave annual.)

I have wanted to put flower boxes in our windows for a while. I think they look really cute. I can't wait for the pansies to get big and bunchy.

And the light by the door had to be hung up.

And look! I planted this pink azalea.

And I sprinkled some grass seed where the brushpile had been living.

I'm not done with yard work yet! I have to get some petunias and snapdragons for my Patio Beautification Project. But Sunday, which is today, I had to see my brumby! Because I miss her terribly when I can't see her. Here she is modeling her new fly mask.

It was so hot today. We rode the Ridge Trail, but instead of going on to Trollwood, we headed back to the barn. There's Christine with our trail crew. There are many trails to explore around Bill's. Now that it is warmer, we can revisit them. This is why June is as good a month as May.

Back at the barn, Lilly tried to ditch her fly bonnet.

Qtee and Lilly were so warm we poured water over them.

And then my brumby got some yummy grass to snack on. Mmmm mmmm good!

Sometimes when we put the horses back in the pasture, everyone gathers round to see what is going on. That's what is going on in this picture. Christine is standing by Ruby, QTee's daughter.
And there is my brumby slinking on over to the unattended haypile.

All the chickens were out. I found this handsome guy by the barn door.

On a hot day, it is always nice when we get back from riding and Christine pulls a couple of beers out of her bag! One time she brought margaritas in a thermos for a post-ride cocktail! Now that's another reason to love the warm weather!
Happy Trails!


Anonymous said...

I love warm weather too - except for the ticks and other creepy-crawlies!

juliette said...

Margaritas and beer out of a riding bag!!! You guys sure know how to live it up. I can't get over your wood siding. It is identical to ours on Nutmeg Cottage. And...Brian was supposed to put up flower boxes 10 years ago...ours would be just like yours. Now that I am riding, though, I am a horrid gardener, so I guess he is off the hook! Good for you and your beautification project! Looks lovely! Love the trail crew photo.

Paint Girl said...

You are so lucky to be getting such warm weather! I feel like it is still winter here, with a nasty rain storm right now and wind on the way. Yuck. I was out in the rain lunging Chance today, I was miserable. If only it would warm up....
That beer sure sounds good! We will do the same, sometimes taking a margarita on the trail with us!!
Your yard is looking really good. I haven't been able to do yard work, with all the rain and such, but hopefully by June we will get some sunny, dry days to do some yard work!

Jocelyn said...

I have Mikes Hard Lemonade in my trailer :) shhhhhhhh..!!!

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