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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tis past week at work an email from Bill popped in my inbox. At the end it said, "New Addition." I assumed Bill had found a new cat for his barn since Marmalade had died. Wednesday the weather was nasty, so I went to see Lilly for her ring lesson on Thursday. And to check out the new addition.

Everything was just the same as it always was. I wondered if maybe Bill had found a Maine Coon cat because they are so tough. I couldn't wait to go in the barn and see the new creature. I got Lilly from the pasture and up to the barn we went.

What in the world? That doesn't look like a cat to me! That looks like a Haflinger! And it is! Her name is Bella. This little four year old Haflinger is the cutest thing in the world (besides Brumby). Her colors are so gorgeous. She is like milk and honey.

Bill brought Bella down to the ring to be with us during our lesson. Lilly was NOT impressed with the new addition. As you see from this picture we had to go all the way down to the far end of the ring because Lilly was so distracted. She was very agitated. She was prancing around and giving Bella the hairy eyeball.

Does it look like this little mare would give anyone any trouble?

She's as sweet as can be!
Still, Lilly was not having it. Being the wimp that I am, I almost didn't get on her. She was too wired. But I figured if I got on her and put her to work, having something to do would take her mind off of the haflinger. I thought: WWCAD? (What would Clinton Anderson do?) So I got on and started Lilly on circles.

She was throwing her head around and moving sideways like a little stinker when I asked her to turn in a circle. She was crowhopping around and whipping herself up into a tiny froth. Then all the horses in the surronding pasture started galloping from one end of the pasture to the other. And back again. Lilly was watching them run hither and yon probably getting some more wild ideas. And then the donkeys started to bray. And the wood frogs were deafening! It was getting crazier and crazier! My nerve began to shrivel. What would Shakespeare have called me? Milk livered. All I wanted to do was scramble off of that horse, Brandon style. But I couldn't. I wouldn't! So I did the next best thing--the only thing I do when I am very afraid. I started to sing Debbie Boone's You Light Up My Life. I know. I know. Embarrassing. So very embarrassing. I must think of a better theme song. Nonetheless, it seemed to work. I got Lilly trotting in an eggshaped circle. And we both started to feel better. Later, we even cantered. She did give me a little buck again which was very annoying, but at least I was cantering.

If you'd like to see our canter from that night, you can click here. Nevermind my enormous bum flopping all over in the saddle.
An even better video clip is this one. It's what Lilly did when Bill brought Bella over to meet her. What I learned in that moment: one must be just as careful of a horse's front legs as the back ones!

Saturday a.m. I was back at Bill's. Kestrel was having her ballet recital that evening, so I went over to ride Lilly earlier. Christine couldn't come early so I was on my own. Later at the recital I was very bummed to have left my camera at the barn. Because out of all those little ballerinas, Kestrel was the prettiest one. She was also the cutest tap dancer, in my opinion.

When I ride alone, I wear a safety orange vest. And I carry my Tracfone. And this picture shows I have my bells for warning bears we are coming. And that pink thing on my wrist is my ID bracelet. Just in case. I do love being prepared.

As we were passing through one of the BP's en route to Trollwood, we came across Bill doing some haying. And, as you see, some picture taking!

Bill loves a photo opp just as much as I do. After all this photo snapping was done, Lilly and I mosied on into Trollwood. If you'd like to see a tiny video clip of some of our ride, feel free to click here.

Today Christine and I were on the trail again. It was really beautiful out on the trail. We had a great time. However, Lilly did lose one of her burgundy blitz renegade hoof boots. This has bummed me out greatly. I should have been checking her feet more often! I'll have to go back this week and retrace our steps. It must have come off in one of the many mud bogs we trounce through. I hope I find it.

I passed these ladies on my way back home from Bill's.

Good night for now!


Anonymous said...

Ah, the mare strike! I'm familiar with that one (although Maisie would never do such a thing, Dawn's more than happy to).

Anonymous said...

wow.. you sure have been having your share of adventures... good for head and heart


juliette said...

Bella is the littlest princess and Lilly is the sweetest princess!!! Oh, what a cute Haflinger addition! Lilly is so worried that Bella will steal your heart. I loved the videos! The one in Trollwood cracks me up with the carrot feeding - it is exactly like Pie and Sovey - they reach around like Lilly girl for their special treats. Getty and friend are so happy wagging their tails. I like bells, but I don't know if I would like to hear them the whole way...I know...bells are WAY better than meeting a bear. You are not milk livered...sing on...Lilly must love Debbie Boone!

Jocelyn said...

Mares.. What ya gonna do?
That Halfie mare looks as sweet as pie.

I know it's hard to concentrate when they are being naughty , but that's when you have to up your game. Why can't they just behave right???

I hope you find your boot.... that sucks...

May 24, 2010 12:48 PM

Rising Rainbow said...

That Haflinger is darling.

Debbie Boone, huh?? At least you worked through it. That's good.

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