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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sometimes when I am at work I get an email full of pictures from Bill that he has just taken at the farm. This picture is one he took last week. I saw it and thought: Be still my beating heart. Have you ever seen such a dear and sweet horse in a field of dandelions? I never get to see Lilly laying down. So this picture of her, lounging on a spring day, feeling safe enough to lay in the grass, really melts my heart.

Earlier this week, Bill sent me some other pictures that he took on Sunday, when I arrived to practice the polebending. Remember how he was already in the ring? Here are some of the snapshots he captured. This one is of me trying to get Getty to take a flying leap into the pond. You can't see the pond at all, but it's right there at my feet. What is so funny is that Sally is there looking like she might go in, but little Getty is making a mad dash to get away! Can't catch me, she is saying, I'm the gingerbread man! Do you see Pokey trying to get involved? I think he was more interested in swimming than Getty!

After Getty's swimming proved hopeless, I headed over to get Brumby. If you remember the story, she was totally ignoring me.

But she always lets me approach her.
I really love the weekends because I can be with Lilly. But during the weekdays when I am at work, it is Bill who gets to go out and have fun with the horses.

Here's a picture he took on Monday. That's Pokey!

There are Bill and Pokey stopping by one of the ponds along the trail. Sometimes, if you are up to it, you can take the time to get the horses to get in this pond. But once you start that project, you better have the patience to see it through to the end!

You see it is not so bad to be retired and able to ride through the woods on a nice Monday afternoon! I think that horse might be Cody.

Even if there are a few scary rocks along the trail.

Tonight, weather permitting, I'll be back in the ring!


juliette said...

That first photo of Lilly in the field is shriek-worthy because of its adorableness. I can completely understand why your heart melts when you look at it! She is sooooo princess -y and lovely and gentle. Bill's days in the woods in the spring on horseback is what we all are aiming for, I think. Sigh. Hope your ring work is fun!

Jocelyn said...

I have YET to ever catch my horse laying down in 6 years ! I know she does from the poo mark s:)

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