Practice will Make Perfect

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Today Lilly was as far away from the gate as possible, in the muckiest portion of that pasture. Which she loves. I tried calling for her. Would today be the day that Lilly comes running? Not a chance. She didn't even look up when I called, even though I had a carrot in my pocket!

Pokey, however, came right over. Pokey is so cute. He's about the same age as Lilly. He has a big stripe down his back, and little zebra stripes on his ankles. You have to look carefully to see them, but they are there. When I first saw them, I couldn't believe my eyes!

Bill was already in the ring on Yogi. I was prepared to get in the ring and practice my polebending. But it was terribly windy. You'd think the wind might be ignorable. It never is. It is very annoying. It's like some giant air conditioning unit has just been installed in my head. I can't hear myself think! And I can't hear any instructions Bill calls to me. Grrrr.

I took Lilly to the barn to get her tacked up but let her eat a few bites of her favorite sprintime delicacy. Do you see her legs? Miss Messy.

Down in the ring, Lilly was pretty good at polebending. A few times through we missed a few poles. At the end, she is pretty good at turning a tight circle. I didn't get too many pictures because it is hard to race through the poles and get a picture at the same time. Well, I guess I am not really racing. But we are cantering. We also practiced collection and getting a nice trot. After that I got Lilly cantering. She gave me a few bucks. A few felt huge but Bill said it wasn't that bad. I turned her in a tight circle each time she did it. My brumby must know that bucking is unacceptable. I don't know why she was doing that. Maybe the wind was getting to her. Maybe she was sick of ring work. Sally and Getty were there and I know dogs make her feel sour. I made her canter nicely and without incident. And then we called it a day. Maybe the next time in the ring will be better.

Here Sally has decided to do a little paddling in the pond. She looked like a little furry hippo in the water. I tried to get Getty to swim too but she refused to totally submerge herself in the water. Landlubber.

Post ride snack.


juliette said...

I can't believe it!!! I just sliced myself a great big bowl of strawberries and sat down to read blogs. I am not kidding...and then I saw your photo. Too funny. I love Sally the hippo. Wind is the pits. Glad your Brumby settled down into a nice collected canter. Getty must be so grateful of her life with you and her new friends at Bear River. She is in puppydog heaven.

Paint Girl said...

Those strawberries look delish!
Sounds like another great riding day, except for the wind!! I don't ride in the wind, the horses just get too riled up.
Sally looks like she is going to be a mucky mess! It's probably a good thing Getty decided to stay on dry land!

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