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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Today I met Christine at 1pm at Bill's so we could go out on the trail. I arrived first and saw this scene. Usually all of the horses are more or less in one clump. Not today. They were all spread out, dotting the pasture. There is Lilly, the smallest dot in the picture. Naturally.

I love when the sun is out and things are so green and there are no bugs! Christine and I rode the Ridge Trail and went into Trollwood. I'm not sure how far we go on this trail. Maybe 5 miles. Maybe more? We are clearly addicted to this trail even though the others are just as good. I like it because it offers a little bit of everything: open fields, beautiful paths through the woods, streams, hills and even a wee bit of treachery. I guess all the trails do.

I love summer. It is by far my favorite season. I love this green grass. I love dandelions. So does Lilly. She loves eating them.

In Trollwood we found this giant tree had fallen across the path since our last time through. Today we had to do a lot of negotiating past branches that were in the trail, and ducking under branches that have suddenly appeared out of nowhere. I also thought I saw bear poop. I am not quite sure what bear poop looks like. I am just glad Bill has marked the trail because if it were up to me to find my way out of there, I'd still be in those woods right now.

When we got back, Bill was in the ring practicing polebending with Ruby. Hah! He is trying to get a leg up on his competition! Maybe tomorrow Lilly and I will spend some time in the ring practicing. We can't let Bill and Ruby get the best of us! This is Getty with QTee and Lilly in the barn. She is not fond of getting too close to the horses. If we are behind her on the trail and start running, she will make an artful sideways dash to get the hell out of the way. Smart doggie.

Back at home I finished planting the herbs in my garden. This is the first edible garden I have ever had. It is small and right next to the house and patio so I am hoping I can manage it. That is to say, there will be no way I can possibly forget about/neglect it. I am growing cilantro, purple sage, oregano, basil, dill, curry, rosemary, chocolate mint and a few others. Christine says there is nothing like having fresh herbs from the garden while cooking dinner.

Happy Trails and Happy Gardening.


juliette said...

That sky in your first photo is a magnificent blue! And your green is summer! Love Getty between the horses. You are smart to keep your garden small - with horses there is little time for gardening! My herbs, though, are worth the time...Christine is right - there is nothing like having fresh herbs when cooking.
p.s. This morning I read your post with the videos and I was so inspired that I rode Pie in the pastures with only his halter - no lead, no bridle, no saddle. I hope to post about it!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

I LOVE how relaxing your time seems to be with Lilly..just wonderful! :)
We planted herbs and veggies galore this weekend and it IS the best! Here's a tip: in late summer/early fall when you have your herbs still but the weather is getting too cold for your plants, take all the herb leaves off. Chop them up finely (seperating the diff herbs of course) and add 1/4 cup of olive oil or any oil and put in small freezer bags. The oil perserves the herb flavor so you can still cook with it thru winter. You just crack off what you need for sauces, or for veggies to ladle over and the oil stays frozen but soft enough to crack off what u need! Yum!:)

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