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Friday, May 14, 2010

Here is a totally fun video that you will appreciate. You can see several of the Bear River Horse Farm cast of characters, including Christine, QTee, and me. The voice is Bill's and I'm the one in the pink hat. You will also see Nancy, and for a few quick seconds, you get to see my brumby! Oh, and I forgot the star of the show: Louise. (Please Note: Louise sounds like she's shrieking in this video. I assure you, she is not hurt. Louise will squeal like that if you're simply touching her bristly back. She doesn't like anyone touching her! She is a much loved pig and no one would ever do anything to harm her. )

I was going through an old folder of mine at work today and I found a copy of the very first email ever that I sent to Bill. It is dated October 6, 2006. I remember writing it from work. Here is what it says:

Dear Mr. Gokey,
I live in Ashfield and have just discovered your website. I am a very new rider looking for an unflappable horse who refuses to spook. I can give the horse a loving home and plan to ride on the trails around Ashfield. I was thinking a teenaged gelding, already trained, very kind, as a good place to start. But I really need an expert to help me pick the right horse. Do you currently have any horses that might be good for me? Or, can I come and meet you and your horses?

When I read this email and think of how I am asking for an unflappable horse who refuses to spook it cracks me up. What was I, crazy? Didn't I know there's no such thing? I also love how I infer that Bill is an expert! I must have been clairvoyant! Well, I sure didn't get a teenaged gelding but I did just happen to get the world's best horse. And this small piece of ephemera will live in my important document box forever.

Here are Bill and Ruby from Tuesday night doing the polebending.


Have you seen the video below? You must check it out. I remember when we were little my sister used to say that she wanted to be president of IBM. Well, when I see this video I say, THAT's what I want to do!


Rising Rainbow said...

Such cute little faces begging for treats. LOL

Paint Girl said...

Those donkeys are so adorable!! I am seriously going to get one or two someday! Louise cracks me up! Looks like she is more protective of the donkeys then they are of her!

juliette said...

Love the donkeys and Louise video. No one ever does what you want when the film is running! That email to Bill is funny. You sure found your perfect horse in Lilly and the perfect expert in Bill.
I LOVED the other video too. I wish that were me. Do you think Pie and Sovey would tolerate me doing all that??? I am going to try!

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