Soggy Saturday

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I am being driven off the cliffs of insanity with my new gadget for getting pictures off my camera, into my computer and then onto this blog. AUGH! I can't take it! I see all the pieces but I can't assemble them the way I want to. It is so maddening. Do you know how some people have cleaning ladies, and some people have nannies? Well, I would like a nerd. To help me figure out my PC. Today was very soggy so I spent the morning arranging my herb garden. But then I headed over to see my brumby.

Look how pretty my brumby is, framed by a halo of blossoms behind her head. When I got to Bill's the sky got darker. As I was assembling the carrots I brought for my brumby in the barn, it started to rain harder.

That is always the way the weather is at Bill's: more extreme than anywhere else. But I was determined. I put Lilly's halter on her, and side by side we walked down the road. The weather was gloomy but my brumby sparkled. Sometimes I have been known to just take Lilly for a walk. There is no reason that every time I see her she needs to carry me on her back.

But alas, the rain was too wet and we weren't able to totally enjoy ourselves. The rain made my hands feel cold and raw, even though the air was warm. I began to wish I had my duster on. Getty, Lilly and I became soggier and soggier.
So we turned around to go back to the barn.

In the barn I groomed Lilly's mane.

And admired her swirl.
Tomorrow, maybe sunshine.


Anonymous said...

Your brumby does shine - in many ways - I love her eye.

juliette said...

Your post is so funny because it is so true. We have all been there with the computer stuff - I too want a nerd. And the rain, oh, how many times have I gone to the barn only to be just in time for a downpour. Much laughter in this house about your post!
Lilly is so pretty in the rain. And her swirl is lovely. Hope you had a sunshine ride today.

Anonymous said...

You can get a replacement USB cable for your camera for just a couple of dollars on the web, just Google "usb camera cables". The shipping will probably cost more than the cable...

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