Wonderful Wednesday

Thursday, May 6, 2010

This week's lesson in the ring was perfect in every way. The weather was fabulous, the sun was sinking like a ship, peepers were peeping, and Bill, Christine, Rosalie and I were all in the ring riding. And Rosalie's mom Jackie was in the ring too.

This time Rosalie got her wish to be on QTee and hold the reins herself during her lesson with Christine. Rosalie looked fantastic!

Looks like we have a little cowgirl in our midst!

I had the most terrible time uploading these pictures. That new gadget thingie made me want to fling the whole computer out the window and into the pond. For one thing, I had a great picture of Bill (with chainsaw) I took the morning he came over to help with the huge tree limb that fell in our yard. Can I find that picture? No I cannot. Lost in my harddrive. Plus, most of these pictures had to be enhanced because it was too dark when we were taking them. So here poor QTee is missing a leg! What happened? Where did it go? Is it with that portrait of Bill and the chainsaw? Where? Why? One thing is certain: Rosalie is a star pupil!

And there's me with my brumby!
You can click here to see one video Jackie made of me! And if you want, you can click here to see another!

Good night!


juliette said...

Adorable Brumby. Technology drives me insane. I spend so much time blogging just because of technical difficulties.
I loved the videos. What is up with the "von Osman"?? Are you my sweet friend a Baroness and didn't tell me?

Anonymous said...

so awesome when you get that "connection" with your equine partner.. got that today riding with gazi (arabian).. .that's worth an amen or two :)


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