Uh-Oh X 2

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Remember how I said I have bad camera karma? Well, disaster has struck again! Look at what happened to the cord that connects my camera to the computer!! eeek! That cord is supposed to be one piece! But look! It is shredded!!!!!!!! You should have seen my eyes pop out of my head when I saw this chaos. Right away I thought: My blogging is sabotaged! But I can't exactly blame this on karma alone....

It appears that some other force had a hand in the the demise of that cord. A little dog!

Oh well, I said, I'll just get a new cord. I took the tattered cord into the computer store. I told them I needed a replacement. The nerdy computer guy snatched the mangled cord out of my hand. With zeal he toldme with that the broken cord was proprietary and they didn't carry them. And even if they did, I'd end up paying $50 or $60 for one! Oh snap!

So he directed me to this thing. You take the memory card out of your camera and stick it in this thing. And then this thing reads your pictures. I told him I was into arts and not sciences and that this gadget had better be easy. Easy as pie, he said. (Well, it was not easy as pie, but you see I have it working!)
Meanwhile, back at the homestead.....

Uh-oh. A super windy thunderstorm blew into town and wrecked our old maple tree again! When I saw this, my eyes popped out of my head for the second time in one day.

Didn't we just clean up the brushpile?
Oy vey.
Tomorrow, weather permitting, I will be in the ring with my brumby!


Paint Girl said...

Oh, bad Getty! I am so lucky that my dogs never chewed anything! At least my Aussie's never did. They only chewed their toys!
You got a bad wind storm too, huh? We just got our power back on after 31 hours! Miserable I tell ya!
I haven't had computer access for a couple days, so I will answer your question about my job here. I get very overwhelmed and exhausted from my job and I have no energy when I get home to work my own horses. That is the only downfall. I love my job, and it is very hard work. I probably won't be able to do this for the next few years, so I will need to look at my options someday. It is such back breaking work. I don't think my body will be able to handle it for much more then another year or so. I am very thankful that I was given the opportunity to work at this farm. I have learned soooo much. When I was young, we couldn't afford trainers, so everything I learned was from a neighbor and 4-H. It is so nice to work with an actual horse trainer!
I have been applying a lot of what I have been learning with my own horses.
Okay, now that I have totally bored you, enjoy your day with your beautiful brumby!

SprinklerBandit said...

Yikes! My beagle ate my laptop cord when he was a puppy and it was a pain to replace. I'm glad the new gadget works for you.

juliette said...

I worry that little Getty puppy will get hurt and chew through something dangerous! She is so cute. That is horrible about your tree-again. These winds!

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