Keeping it Spicy

Saturday, June 26, 2010

This week we were keeping it spicy at Bear River Horse Farm. Do you see anything different about this photo? Umm, anything that might seem to be...missing?? That's it! Christine and I are riding bareback! This is not a big deal for Christine at all. She could ride anywhere without a saddle. But it is a bit nervewracking for me! Good thing Bill took these pictures so I have evidence of the event!

And that wasn't the only thing going on. Here you see Christine's husband Chris getting on QTee bareback as well!!!

Here I go trundling off on Lilly with no saddle under my seat and a bundle of butterflies in my stomach. I was very tense up there. I had to consciously think to relax and slump. I feared I might slip off! Then, going straight was OK, but on turns I'd turn into a nervous nelly again. For no good reason; Lilly was as calm as a toad in the sun.

Christine is an excellent teacher. We walked around and then we trotted around. The good thing about riding bareback is that if you do slip off, there is nothing like a stirrup to tie you up. Sliiiide and plop. But luckily that did not happen.

I love being up on Lilly bareback. Even though I am nervous, I think it is da bomb.

Whoooooooah! What is happening here? Musical horses? Well, why not? As soon as I got on QTee I noted that her back is more slopey than Lilly's. Lilly's back is like a tabletop and QTee's feels like a little tiny mountain.

Christine had Lilly looking really good. It's fun to observe someone riding her because I get to be reminded how pretty she is, especially when she's collected and in a nice slow jog. I am sure judges at a show would adore Lilly.

There I am on QTee. She was very good t me when I was on her. We don't call her The Babysitter for nothing.

And there's Christine and QTee. Aren't they outstanding?

After the lesson, Lilly gave me a little snuggle while posing in front of the black angus cows in the pasture.
It was really hard to go back to work after having last week off. I did the bareback riding on Wednesday after work, then I had to wait again until Saturday to see Lilly. Saturday, Christine's back was bothering her, so I asked Brandon and Kestrel if they wanted to come see Lilly with me.

I put Kestrel on Lilly since she hasn't been on her in a while. I am sure this gave Brandon a little heart attack.

Look at this hilarious snapshot Bill got. There's my big butt waggling around in the background. Hah! Now that's funny. And what is Brandon doing? He's probably trying to will a flak jacket to appear out of thin air for his only daughter to put on. Here's what I think: I think that having a mellow horse who ground ties so well is something like a gift from god. Who's the Babysitter in this picture?

No need to worry, Brandon! here we are -- away from the barn and still in one piece! I love the ear in my face.
Happy Weekend everyone! Tomrrow is going to be a scorcher! Welcome back, Summertime, I love ya.


Anonymous said...

I did things backwards - I only rode bareback from the time I was a wee one - 5 or 6 - until I was in my mid teens. It meant that I have really good balance and seat, but had to learn to use my hands and legs after the fact. I did everything bareback, from running flat out to jumping. The only horse I have that's small enough for me to easily get on bareback is Dawn, and I'm not going there yet, and Maisie doesn't like me riding bareback (not to mention that at 16.2 she's a bit of challenge for me to get on and off). I've ridden Lily and Noble bareback, though.

juliette said...

These photos are the best ever and that is saying a lot because your photos are always so delightful!!!! Bareback Brumby - isn't it the best? And your Lilly girl is soooo good for you and tabletop back - sigh. She is absolutely lovely. How about her little snuggle in that one picture? Oh, she is a little bunny rabbit. The photo of Kestrel and Brandon and (your butt) is toooooooo funny!!!!! And Kestrel is so smiley and happy on sweet Brum out on the trail. Summer is the very best!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Fun photos! Bareback is fun and seems best in the dog heat days of summer (oh and on those coooold days of winter too).
I know what you mean about feeling the difference of backs! I rode my BO's sweet mare and felt how different she was to Laz's little sweet back!
Love your pictures always! :)

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