One Dog, one Brumby, a LOT of Deerflies and Me

Sunday, June 27, 2010

On Sunday Mother Nature was given a Time Out. Can I tell you how much I do not like weather that will not be sunny and also will not rain? I call it pregnant weather: that is, weather about to burst, weather that just needs to do something but instead does nothing but feel uncomfortable. The only nice thing about this sort of in-between yucky weather is that I do not have to slather myself with sunscreen. Did you know that my brumby also gets sunburn on her nose? So I put sunscreen on her too!

So this is what the weather was like when Lilly and I headed out into the woods. We were alone, except for Gettysburg. Little did I know that the weather would be the least of our worries out there! The flies were wretched! They even tried to bite at Lilly through her fly bonnet! Those deerflies have some nerve!

We walked the River Trail. It was very muggy so we did not do a single trot or canter. Sometimes it is nice just to be slow and lazy. We truly mosied. I tried to flick some of the flies off of Lilly with the crop.

We passed this beautiful rock embedded on the side of the trail. I'm no geologist so I do not even know what this simple rock might be. Is it quartz? granite? It would look pretty in a kicthen, but it looks even prettier out in the woods. Gorgeous. OK, Mother Nature, you can come out of your Time Out.

Back at the barn, I felt the need to re-evaluate my bug strategy. On Lilly's body I use the toxic stuff you can get in all the tack shops. But on her face and ears, I like to go with a natural version. Here are two natural bug repellents I have been using. Sorry Burt, but your stuff can't compare to the All Terrain. That All Terrain stuff is very effective! Looks like I'll need to order more. I have also heard that rubbing Rosemary on yourself can help repel bugs. Luckily, I have some growing in my herb garden. If I remember to try it, I'll let you know how it works!


Anonymous said...

Deer flies are the worst - on ears and necks! Ugh!

juliette said...

Poor Brumby and the flies. My mom likes the Marigold stuff - I think it is all Rosemary - for Sovey's ears and face. We have been feeding the horses powdered garlic this year. It does seem to work with mosquitoes, and Pie and Sovey smell like two little Italian chefs. Yum.

Paint Girl said...

Flies are terrible aren't they! Since we have been using fly predators at home, they are only bad out on the trails, but since I don't have time to go trail riding anymore, I haven't had to deal with flies! Looks like I won't get to go on a trail ride until July 12th. I can't believe it! I have only been on one this year, back in April. The weather has been terrible, then I happen to be in the middle of the busiest part of show season. So much for being able to enjoy my own horses!
I also put sunscreen on Brandy's nose. Last summer her nose got really pink so I make sure to slather some on throughout the day and if I go on a trail ride. It really works!

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