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Sunday, July 4, 2010

When I went to see my brumby today, she was the lone horse nibbling at this gigantic round bale of hay. Bill made 24 round bales himself. Usually he uses square bales, but this one particular hay adventure he has been having this summer ended up in round. You can see my brumby does not seem to mind. She is enjoying her holiday.

I got this stars and stripes bikini and was determined to wear it on the 4th of July while riding Lilly. As I was driving over to Bill's I kept asking Brandon if I looked ridiculous. He said yes. Oh well, a patriotic cowgirl's gotta do what she must do. That donkey is looking at me and thinking, "Whaaaaaat?"

Here I am really wishing I had more of a tan. I think it is easier to hide pot bellies with a little suntan.

Oh well! Here I come with my stars and stripes and all american brumby!

My brumby was so good for me today. Can you tell I am not using a saddle? Bareback in a bikini? This is grrreat!

I hope every one had great time celebrating Independence Day. Perhaps your day too was filled with a red, white and blue bikini, some bareback riding and a beautiful brumby.
I hope your night is filled with fun and fireworks!


juliette said...

You are the most adorable patriotic cowgirl ever!!!!! I am so jealous of your stars and stripes bikini. I looked for one last week and no luck! I was just going to a pool party today - I hadn't thought of riding bareback in it!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Thanks for sharing such a great 4th of July adventure!
P.S. You look fabulous in your suit - no pot bellies in sight. And...I do have a tan and I don't think it hid my "saddlebags" too much today!

Frizzle said...

Lol, you are a regular riot! And you definitely have...what's it called?..."chutzpah," I believe. Yup! A very patriotic, ballsy girl you are, indeed!
(And, like Juliette said, I do not see any kind of belly, "pot" or otherwise -- I wish I looked so good in a bikini!)
But, yeeeek, I hope ya didn't get any brumby hair in your, um, bikini zone. 'Twould be quite itchy! Hahahaha!

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