Lilly Meets Larry Cobb

Friday, June 11, 2010

Lilly had a new experience today. She met Larry Cobb, an equine dentist!

A few weeks ago Bill said he was having the dentist come and look at a few of the horses. He asked if I wanted Lilly to have a check. I said yes. I thought, why not? I wish I could have been there to see the dental production but I was at work. Thanks to Bill, I do have a photo chronicle of the event. By 11 o'clock I had pictures in my InBox at work. Naturally I made my co-workers look at all of them. One of my co-workers who has three horses saw the pictures and shrieked: That's Larry Cobb! He's the most gentle man ever! She said that he sings quietly to the horses while he works, and that horses let him do all kinds of things to him. Equine Tooth Whisperer!

Lilly's teeth were given a clean bill of health. QTee's teeth were also fine, and so were Ruby's. Cody had big hooks in the front and the back and Bill told me they had to be snipped off with bolt cutters and smoothed with a power tool. This was no surprise to Bill. That's probably why he called Larry Cobb in the first place. Bolt cutters? Now that sounds dreadful. The world of horse dentistry sounds very different than human dentistry.

I wonder if Larry Cobb thought my brumby was the most good natured paint mare he had ever seen in all of his days. I am sure she was very good for him, not to mention quite pretty to look at. I tried to get Bill to put a pink ribbon in her mane for the dentist but he said he didn't have any.

When I first saw these pictures I was delighted to see that the dentist rather looked like Santa Claus.

This is my brumby on a little tranquilizer. Do you see Louise in the background? That pig could not get any funnier. Looks like she was milling around while the dentist was there. I can't imagine Louise getting her teeth worked on. That sounds like a recipe for much drama.

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