Scratch the Scratches

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I thought was going to get my Wednesday night lesson tonight. But Mother Nature (again) refused to cooporate. My equine qi is now out of whack. Argh! That means I will try to have lesson night tomorrow. In the meantime, I want to share with you an interesting post I read on Karen Chaton's blog. Click here for the link! I was reading this blog at work, something I totally should not be doing. But the blog sucked me in like a vortex at NASA.

I've noted this blog before. Karen Chaton does all kinds of tough and dreamy things on the back of a horse. But this one post is of particular importance to me because it is about Scratches, and Lilly's feet often turn up with them. One year they really looked horrible. They were puffy and inflammed and oozy. Oozy? Blecch! Poor, poor brumby!

So far this year, none. But I am keeping my eyes peeled because with the way Lilly loves making a beeline for the wettest part of her pasture, they might raise their ugly head again.

If anyone has a good Scratches cure, I am all ears.


IanH said...

What are Scratches? Is it an infection?

Frizzle said...

An equal mix of athlete's foot cream, triple antibiotic cream, & Desitin is a great cure for scratches! Also, scrubbing with apple cider vinegar works wonders. It's naturally antiseptic -- in fact, you can use a 50/50 mix of ACV & water on hooves to keep thrush, White Line Disease, etc. at bay, as well.

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