Rain Sun Rain Sun Rain

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Today I went over to Bill's at 1:00 to ride Lilly. Chistine and I had a plan to meet then. It was murky and wet outside but it wasn't actually raining. I gobbled up a chorizo omelette and some blueberry pancakes and zoomed over to the farm.

As soon as I retrieved Lilly and got her in the barn to get ready, it started raining cats and dogs. My own dog looked gloomy and very wet after five minutes. I figured Christine was at home staying comfy and dry.

But I wasn't willing to give up my ride with Lilly. She was acting all cute and snuggly, and I was convinced the rain would go away. I knew as soon as I got back in my car to drive home, the sun would come out and then I'd regret not riding. So I waited. And waited. And waited. The rain did not stop. But there was no thunder and lightening, so I donned my duster and got on Lilly.

Lilly does not care one scallion if it is raining or not. Have Carrot, Will Travel is her motto. If I didn't have that duster on, I would have been drenched. But it acted like a big rain poncho. All the water ran off of me, and it kept the saddle dry as a bone. After we were out about 30 minutes I did start to get hot in it. It's so sturdy, I thought if I got lost in the elements, I might be able to make it into a small tent.

We checked in at the Big Pasture for any equine buddies. Do you see how eagerly Lilly is looking for the Big Pasture pals? They were very far away and didn't notice us. So we carried on. The sky became a little brighter so I decided to go on and do the Ridge Trail backwards.

And then it got really dark and rained like cats and dogs again. That little black spot in the road was Getty who was sprinting around merrily. Have you ever noticed how different a trail looks when you are on it going the other way? The Ridge Trail has a steep hill on it which we usually go down. This time we were going up. I saw it and thought, IS THIS RIGHT? because it looks A LOT steeper going up than going down. Lilly charged right up the path like the cavalry.

And then, for a while, it was raining, but the sun was out!!

Not too bad for a sweet Sunday!


Paint Girl said...

Yucky day for a ride, but at least you had fun. I hate being wet, and I would have just stayed in!! LOL! At least Lilly doesn't mind and you got a ride in, that is all that matters!

Anonymous said...

love your spunk and tenacity.. those rides when you could easily bag it and dont... memory keepers
happy trails


juliette said...

You are so tough and unbelievable! I like that Lilly likes the rain - it would not be fair if she didn't like it. You in the duster, Lilly with carrot, Getty bounding like the little wet puppy that she is...all is well in your little hamlet. You and Lilly need to get a job delivering mail! And sunshine through the rain as your sweet reward!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Sounds like we had the same day! Rain, sun, then rain, then sun..I rode and hand walked and groomed thru three rounds of it! I need a slicker like yours! oh..and your breakfast sounded YUMMY!

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