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Saturday, June 5, 2010

This past Wednesday I went over to see Lilly for another lesson in the ring. Christine was there with Claire, who is 8.

I always like it when Lilly isn't the only horse in the ring. Her mood is so much better then. Because, as you know, she is at her best on the trail, not in the ring. Christine is helping Claire learn how to ride horses, so of course QTee was employed. Here we are getting ready. I forgot my half-chaps and was flustered because without them there is a little bolt or something on my stirrup rotator that smashes itself into my leg. The last time I just ignored it and now I have an angry ugly wound on my shin. Not exactly a great feature for bikini season....

Bill was down in the ring on Glitter. I love the way Glitter looks. I think she is a red roan. Her fur is reddish and silvery, and she has four charming white socks. She doesn't have as much under-saddle experience as some of the other youngsters. But she seemed pretty calm to me. The only fussy thing about Glitter is that sometimes when she is in the stall, she gets mad and kicks at the wall.

Claire was doing really great! Seeing Claire made me wish Rosalie was also there. Too bad QTee does not have a clone! CloneTee.

My brumby was being so cute.
QTee always seems to know what kind of rider is on her back. It is amazing. She takes care of people. QTee is also the alpha in the herd. She gets hay whenever she wants it. Lilly knows better than to pin her ears back at QTee!

There is Glitter's pretty bum and me on Lilly. Lilly and I sat around like slugs most of the night. I was just sitting on her peering around at everyone while she was falling asleep underneath me. I did have her in a canter but it was a cranky one. Who invented the word Tanter? A tantrum canter! Lilly threatens to tanter all the time. Sometimes she succeeds! She tried half-heartedly that night.

After our riding academy activities in the ring, Bill showed Claire how to grab a hoof and clean it.
I'm pretty sure Claire had a good time that night. Just like Rosalie does when she is there. Oh, little girls and horses!

Today is Saturday and I have just come back from a ride with Christine. It was very hot. Both Lilly and QTee had brand new halters that Nancy had made just for them. QTee got peacock blue and Lilly (of course) got pink! I usually keep Lilly's halter on right under the bridle when we ride on the trail. The halter has a lead rope on it which I can then wrap around the horn. Or, if I have a belt on, I can loosely shove a little of the lead rope under the belt (not tied of course!). The idea is that if I come off of Lilly's back, or need to tie her to a tree or something like that, there is still an umbilical cord bewteen us. Christine never does this. But Christine rides english and I ride western.

It is always nice to have canine company on the trail!


Anonymous said...

QTee looks like a sweetie, for sure - and brumby, of course, is beauteous!

juliette said...

June is here at last and of course you guys up there are making the most of it! Lilly is a sweet little brumby, even if she tanters. I hear you about the half-chaps. I didn't have any until three years ago and when I was 14 I got a saddle sore cantering a TB named Rebel, and I STILL have the scar. Not too pretty during bathing suit season. Still, I secretly am proud to ride so I wear it like a badge!

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