Near The Sea We Forget To Count the Days

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

For Memorial Day weekend, we headed to the beach! Brandon's dad has a vacation house in Ocean Grove, NJ so that is where we went.

Ocean Grove is a very pretty town that is dominated by this church which doubles as a giant auditorium where you can hear all kinds of concerts from Abba coverbands to string quartets! Luckily, you do not need to be religious to enjoy being there!

This little gazebo is right in front of the auditorium. That is Brandon's dad!

One of the things about Ocean Grove is that everyone has a front porch. And everyone uses them. You see people out on their front porches as much as you see them on the beach. And in their tiny yards, everyone cultivates wonderful flower gardens.

Here is a good example of the outdoor style you see in OG.

And here is a pretty little outdoor space. No one has big yards. But the space they do have is kept very wonderfully. As I walk to the beach, I like looking at everyone's little pieces of property. Everyone smiles and talks to you as you walk by. There was one rude guy in a Hummer who tried to squash Getty while we were crossing the street, but other than that, it is pretty friendly down in OG.

Don't let anyone tell you that the beaches in New Jersey are full of New York trash and dirty syringes bobbing the water. The beaches there are very beautiful. And unlike at the Cape (which I love dearly), the water is warm enough to get in!

OG and the neighboring towns all have a boardwalk. The bad news about the boardwalk is that little dogs are not allowed on it. Not until October 1 anyway.

Here are Brandon's parents. Do you see how brown Brandon's dad is already? That is so naughty of him to not wear sunscreen and to sit in the the sun.

I am never at the beach without an umbrella!

Poor Brandon is the one that ends up lugging the umbrella all over town for me. But you see here he doesn't seem to mind!

This boardwalk goes on and on. If you follow this way, in a short time (a very short time), you will find yourself in Asbury Park, where Bruce Springsteen got started at The Stone Pony!

Asbury Park is always a little crazier than Ocean Grove.

This is one of my all time favorite flowers (besides daisies!) to have in the yard. Everyone in OG seems to have them in their gardens. I especially love the blue ones.

We watched the Memorial Day Parade and realized that Getty does not like giant drums very much at all.

Here is Brandon's dad's OG house!
I hope you all had a memorable Memorial Day.


Paint Girl said...

What a lovely place!! I am so jealous! All I see is sun on everyone's blogs, but little ole me only gets gray and rain!! I swear I am living in a rain forest! The rain is never ending, and it is not supposed to stop for quite a while. Our horses are back in fetlock deep mud, the creek is overflowing and it is June!
Sounds like you had a lovely time on your trip. It is beautiful there, love all the yards, they are so cute! I'd use a front porch if I had a decent one, mine is way too small. Nothing better then sitting on a porch, sipping a cold drink and watching the dogs play!

juliette said...

Ocean Grove looks like such a fun, quaint place! I don't think I've been there, but you sure got me in the seashore mood with your excellent photos. I love the tidy little yards and porches. I am glad Getty got to visit too.

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